Thursday, May 9, 2013

An ALMOST MAC Heroine dupe? - Maybelline ColorSensational Vivid lipstick in Brazen Berry

I am a sucker for Pink and Fuchsias, but I somehow got bored and decided to try other colors. I've been meaning to get MAC Candy Yum-Yum (became part of the permanent line) and Heroine (which is a part of their 2013 Fashion Sets Collection) but, my mind says no. I thought thrice considering I wouldn't be able to use it always or will it be on my staple everyday lipstick and my budget. Yeah. I am currently on a MAC lipstick ban right now. (blame it to Ben Nye Banana and food tripping) lolz. Kidding.

Anyway, due to sleepless nights and reading some blogs about possible dupes, I came across this US blogger which featured Maybelline's new collection: the Maybelline Colorsensational Vivids. She reviewed Brazen Berry and Fuchsia Flash. She claimed that both could be a very close dupe of Candy Yum-Yum and Heroine, AND basing on her swatches (she's an African-American with slightly lighter skin tone),  both DID look like Heroine and Candy Yum-Yum! So, of course, the impulsive buyer in me immediately check if Bon Marche has it, and voila! They still have stocks for both, so, you already know what happened next. I feel that me and these babies were meant to be! *tehee*  ;-)

I will be reviewing Maybelline Colorsensational Vivids in Brazen Berry first.

In the US, I read that this collection has over 10 vivid shades to choose from which includes pinks and reds, and other shades suited for summer. (how I wish it will be released here soon!) :D

Alright, enough talkin' and let me show you this super gorgeous lipstick shade housed in a super cute neon orange packaging!

together with her sissie, Fuchsia Flash (I will do a separate review soon) ^_^

Here's the lip swatches:

Brazen Berry is a very pretty purple colored lipstick that has a creamy and slightly shiny finish like MAC's amplified finish lipsticks (which is my favorite btw). I dunno, but the color will depend on the lighting, setting of the camera (maybe) and lip pigmentation of a person wearing it (take note: I have pigmented lips). On me, it looked like a dark fuchsia-purple here on the pictures (darker and purpler version of my MAC Outrageously Fun) I think it's a cross between Covergirl Divine  and MAC's Up the Amp more than Heroine. Up the Amp because they have almost the same finish and Covergirl Divine because of the darker purple hue. IMHO, it can pass as a Heroine dupe because you can choose to deepen the color depth of Brazen Berry, (and Covergirl Divine as many claimed can be a dupe of Heroine, so- you get what I mean ^_^) but yeah, the difference is, this one's shiny. 
(I don't really mind it)

And of course, my review won't be complete if there's no #selfie shots! ^_^ Brace yourselves! XD

The picture on the right is a lot closer to what it really looked like in person.   

What's on my face:


Highly pigmented. I only need to swipe twice for the color to be opaque.
Comparable to MAC's amplified finish lipsticks. Creamy and smooth.
Lasts a decent time (about 4 hours) and fades evenly with a pretty stain on my lips
Affordable at Php 280- Php 320.00 when bought at Bon Marche.
Didn't feather nor made my lips dry while wearing.
Very wearable, believe me! :)

Not available locally.
I find the scent of this lipstick overwhelming for my taste. @_@

I love love this! The color's new and I actually think that it is flattering on me. (hehe) For those of you who's looking for a Heroine dupe, well, you can consider this one. They almost have the same hue and depth hence the shiny finish of Brazen Berry, but I bet some will not bother to complain because of it's great staying power and pigmentation knowing it is from a drugstore brand. I just wish that these Colorsensational line will be brought here in Manila. (I'm sure the price will be quite higher but you can always check Bon Marche's page for this lipstick's availability).

How about you? Have you tried wearing a purple lipstick?


trina hermogenes said...

ang gondoh ng color sis! I told you, you can rock any lip color eh! nice review! keep it coming! ♥♥♥

KiTziBebe said...

thanks trina! gusto ko naman ma try eh orange! hehe!

Anonymous said...

ganda sis! i have an orange lippie and i love it so much! try it din kasi sigurado, it will look awesome on you ;)

clarise said...

naadik naman ako sa pag read ng blog mo sis! hehe! lahat ata ng shade ng lippies, carry mong isuot.♥ I love this on you too :D

KiTziBebe said...

thanks sis clarise! xoxo

cassy flores said...

you rock this color sis and you're pretty! :) i'm not sure if i'll have the guts to wear this color kasi bold na sakin yung red lip. haha.. nice pictures and blog :)

Unknown said...

I'll be ordering the same exact colors that you got. Sayang lang out of stock right now sa bonmarchepage.
First time to hear about this seller. How come very cheap ang products nya?
(Gusto ko na nung branzen berry..... Huhu)

KiTziBebe said...

i think may nakukuhaan sya sa US ng mga products nya. and some lipsticks has tiny nicks naman which she sells at a much cheaper price. parang some din are store pull outs pero they are not expired. mura lang naman kasi talaga sa US tong maybelline lipsticks over priced lang dito sa satin -.-

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