Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Review: E.L.F. Healthy Glow Bronzer in Matte Bronze - is it The Balm's Bahama Mama dupe?!

Me and Muah went at the Summer Heat Wave bazaar last Saturday at the World Trade Center because I want to get some more brushes from Beauty Cosmetics (who has a stall there) and to look for other good stuffs. There are many cosmetic merchants who joined and I was like in a cosmetics shopping haven at that time! You know what a kid looked like when you hand him a gum or candy? That's how I looked like according to my good better half. ( duh!~) Most of them sells ELF, Maybelline, Loreal, Revlon, Physicians Formula, Covergirl, NYX and many more US drugstore brands. I am on search for a good contour powder (I really want to get Bahama Mama from The Balm but I find it pricey for a contour powder so I searched for an alternative) and an eye liner so I literally spent minutes of time on each stall to check if I could find one. I have some contour powders but I feel that it wasn't the right color for me. It's either too sheer, too orangey or too brown (I'm currently using Wet N' Wild eye and brow liner in Taupe for contouring my nose, and it's the only one I think is suited on my skin tone).

So we walk and walk.... and walk... and Alas!  I passed by on this booth and guess what???! She has this bronzer that I am lemming to have and it's the only piece left! (it's not available on our local counters yet as of this time i believe) So, I grab it right away and paid for it as others are also eyeing on it! Whew! I am soooooo happy that finally, I have a great matte bronzer in hand and you know what made me even more happier? I got it only for Php100.00! Isn't that a great deal?! I love bazaars! ♥



The packaging is pretty basic- housed in a usual compact type of powder but this one don't have a mirror (it's only a dollar in the US so what would you expect?)


The color is pure brown. It has no red or orange undertone, so it's perfect to use as a contour powder. I have no problem blending it on my skin as it was very easy to blend and it's quite pigmented that you need to apply it with a light hand. I think this pan will last a lifetime on me! lol. I'm really in love with this bronzer though I use this as my contour powder! :) It perfectly mimics a shadow and doesn't look too harsh or weird on my skin. (atleast that's what I think so hehe). 
I actually read from some blogs that it can pass as a dupe for The Balm's Bahama Mama Powder because they both have a matte formula, no red or orange undertones. Just brown. I was able to swatch Bahama Mama before at Beauty Bar ATC and I can say that they does look the same! I grab this photo of side by side comparison of Bahama Mama and E.L.F. Matte Bronze to give you more insights of what I'm talking about :
                                               photo credits to: Time bomb beauty blog.
                                             See? It's such a great steal right?! Happy happy me! :D

Here's me using ELF Matte Bronze to contour my cheeks, jaw and nose (I'm not a pro so....tehee):



I really love the outcome and how it made my face look slimmer and my nose thinner. I definitely recommend this for those who's a fan of contouring but doesn't want to spend so much for a contour powder. I declare this one as my HG contour powder from now on! :))
On my face:
MAC Impassioned
Pigmented yet very easy to blend.
A little goes a long way.
Has a lot of product in a pan. (it will take me a long long while to finish)
Did not break me out. Did not caused skin irritation.
Stays put for a long time.
It IS matte and has no undertone.
I can be a very good dupe/alternative to The Balm's Bahama Mama bronzer
Dirt cheap but has a great quality! (only Php 100 bought at WTC bazzaar)
I can't honestly think of any! Really, it's that good! Promise!
How about you? What's your best find yet? What's your HG contour powder? :)