Thursday, March 14, 2013

Lanvin Eclat D' Arpege Perfume

This is my FAVORITE and one of my signature scent together with Curve by Liz Claiborne.

I'm really fond on perfumes with such a flirty and sensual scent. I have acquired different types from Bath and Body Works' and Victoria's Secret body mists (Secret Crush and Cotton Blossom are my faves) to The Body Shop's version of White Musk. I also have Lacoste pour femme and have finished bottles of Cool Water for women and Romance, but these two, I will keep on buying specially Lanvin Eclat D' Arpege.


Description from web:
Eclat d’Arpège is classified as fruity-floral. Lanvin revives the musical theme of his legendary Arpege perfume. The composition is delicate, fragile and angelic. Eclat d’Arpège’s first accords are green lilac and Sicilian lemon leaves which transports us to the first day of spring. Summer’s near , flowers are in full bloom, the scent is more intense, it’s a wisteria blossom that blooms at perfume’s heart, accentuated by lush peach blossom and sensual red peony. Airy green tea leaves are refreshing. The base’s white cedar of Lebanon, gentle musk and precious amber are like an enveloping caress. The nose behind Eclat d’Arpège is Karine Dubreuill who created this perfume in 200

It is such a smooth, floral, delicate, romantic, sensual, warm, sultry, sexy, fruity and refreshing fragrance which lasts the whole day on me. I always get compliments from people that they could really smell me from afar and I smelled so damn good. lolz. It is such a perfect fragrance for me and my body chemistry. It's like we're a match made in heaven that smells so magical nearly like a fairytale. I really love it to bits that I will keep on getting a bottle after another. ^_^

*****Me and Muah bought it at a PCX shop that sells variety of imported goods from the US at a cheaper price. Beware of fake ones that claims it's authentic when they are not.

'Til next!