Thursday, May 2, 2013

Review: MAC Cosmo - Look sexy and dainty in an instant :)

In my other post, I already featured MAC Faux which all of you should know by now is my MLBB (my lips but better) shade as of this moment and now, I'm gonna be reviewing its cousin, Cosmo. I brought them together at MAC Alabang Town Center (which just opened early last month). I already read and heard a lot of raves about this color, but it's just weeks ago that my obsession with pink lipsticks subsided. I decided to swatch everything that I think will look good on me and my lips, considering I have a colored hair, fair NC20 skin and overly pigmented lips. I tried Viva Glam II but it washed me out, tried Honeylove and I look like a walking dead. The only colors that looked good and compliments my face are Faux, Cosmo and Viva Glam V (which I'm dying to have now!) I wasn't able to swatch Please Me, Mehr, Brave, Modesty and Kinda Sexy because it was either OUT OF STOCK or IT WASN'T RELEASED HERE. boo!

Alright, moving on..........

Cosmo is a pink coco as described on Mac's website. It has this pink, mauve, and a tiny hint of brown color in an Amplified finish (my favorite formula!). It is also as gorgeous as Faux but this one has a deeper color. It can still pass as MLBB if I just dab a layer on, but it looks more feminine when you applied it more opaque. (I am used in wearing bright pinks/fuchsias so this color is really new to me and find that I also look good wearing this kind of lipstick #selfappreciation.)

Here it is:



Natural daylight. Looks like it has a lot of brown w/ red tinge right?
Don't let the color on the tube disappoint you.....

Because this is Cosmo's real color :)


The color looks weird here.. hehe.. must be the camera setting. >,<
                                                           Outdoor light: Applied opaquely
Outdoor light: Applied 1 layer
MAC Cosmo on my lips. A pretty shade indeed! Now I know what the raves are all about!
             And the best (worst) part: Me doing a #selfie shot wearing MAC Cosmoteheee! 
     Sorry again for camwhoring! Sorry for the harsh nose line, i'm still on the long process of mastering my contouring skills. lolz
   P.S.: I did not edit these photos to alter the color of the lipstick. I just blurred the background (of my house) haha!
Outdoor light.


with flash outdoor.

On my face:
Revlon whipped creme in Buff Chamois
ELF Healthy Glow Matte Bronze for contours
In2it brow powder
The Balm Down Boy blush
MAC Cosmo
Pigmented and creamy because it's in an Amplified finish.
Lasts for 4-5 hours w/o eating and drinking.
Pretty neutral shade and can pass as MLBB for me (and some skin tones I guess)
Doesn't dry out my lips.
If you find Faux & Modesty washes you out, then you'll love this.
I look dainty and prim whenever I wear it. Got compliments every time. :)
Over priced at Php 1000 a tube at our Mac local counters.
The slight "reddish-brown" undertone could show up more on some skin tone and different lip
Overall, I really adore this shade, together with its cousin Faux. I'm really glad that I were able to swatch these babies first before getting any of the overrated lipstick shade from MAC! :)
How about yoy? Have you founf your MLBB lipstick yet?