Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Longwood Garden Hotel

After we went out last Saturday for our 4 years and 5 monthsary date, we ended up staying and spending the night 'til 4am at Longwood Garden Hotel at FB Harrison. I wanted to try a jaccuzzi talaga so we chose the room with a jaccuzzi on it. 

The room is clean, huge bed, cool air conditioning, nice lighting effect. See the Japanese inspired table and foam chairs? It's really cute, and that us an idea if ever we'll build a house na.. hehe..

The window that lead to the bathroom and jaccuzzi. I wasn't able to took a picture inside 'coz my Muah's in there at that time. hahahaha...

All in all, our stay is a breeze. For P1,150.00/ 6hrs., not bad at all.