Friday, March 15, 2013

Natural flush on your cheeks- The Balm Down Boy blusher (a 2nd glance)

When I was on search for a cool-toned pink blush, I searched almost the entire blog world (exaggerating here, lolz) for ideas of what color is good, brand and price. I really wanted to get that NARS Angelika blush that I swatched at Rustan's the last time me and Muah went there to buy my NARS Deepthroat, but, it's so pricey for another Php 1450.00, so I opt to find a good alternative.

I have read so many good reviews abouth The Balm cosmetics. I guess they are underrated at this moment, but I know, in time, they will be as popular as Urban Decay, Smashbox, Too Faced et. al.
So, I went to Beauty Bar  in Alabang Town Center to check their lines. I immediately felt like I am in heaven at that moment because of the make-up counters inside! tehee! They also carry Smashbox, Prestige, Human Nature, K-Pallette, ArtDeco, Kate Spade cosmetics, Fairy Drops and many more!

I headed straight at the The Balm counter and the sales ladies (take note: ladies, a group of 3 who attended to me hehe) immediately asked what I'm looking for. They are all so friendly that they even suggested me The Balm's best sellers like Bahama Mama (a good dupe for Hoola bronzer) and Mary Lou-manizer which is a highlighter. I told them I want to try their pink blush named Down Boy because I've read many good reviews on it being a good blush. They thought at first that they don't have stocks of it anymore, but, after searching, they still have 1 at that moment! (lucky me!) So, they let me swatch it on my cheeks using they're blush brush (which by the way is so soft and fluffy, forgot to ask the brand) and I immediately knew that it was the one I'm looking for. I paid right away and so happy that finally, I have a pink blush. ♥

Reminds me of the packaging of Benefit's. They both use cardboard. Cute cardboard designs which I find so cute and appealing. Some doesn't like it though because they think that card boards wear out eventually, but it's perfectly fine for me. The design's a keeper!♥

  They have these meme's....



And sports a mirror too! ♥




natural daylight.

The Balm's Down Boy blush is a very wearable, cool-toned pink. I think fair ladies will really love this as well as those who have a medium toned skin, just keep in mind that a little goes a long way because it is so pigmented that this pan can last a lifetime. This can also work on dark-skinned gals but I think it will serve as a highlighter to them (a pretty one!)

I love to pair this when I'm using my MAC Pink Nouveau or Outrageously Fun Lipstick. I just swirl once and just dab lightly on my cheeks to achieve that natural-looking flush.

All in all, I am so happy that I discovered this good blush from a great brand. I bought this last year and was priced at Php 850.00 then. I'm not sure if they have marked-up the prices already. ^_^ You can also order through their online store Beauty Bar Philippines which is so convenient!

I want to try Bahama Mama next as I'm still looking for a good contouring powder.

'Til Next!


mikaela said...

you look gorg in this blush girl! new follower! :)

KiTziBebe said...

Hi mikaela, thanks dear!

Pauline Reyes said...

You are right, this blush will surely look good to ladies with fair skin! Thanks for sharing. <3

~Pauline @Kallony

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