Friday, March 15, 2013

Notd: Orly Blue Collar

When I am all stressed out at work, I just change my nail polish color. Yeah. That's my sort-of-self-therapy after a long and tiring day. FYI, I do my own nails; meaning, I am the one doing my manicures since last year. I got traumatized the last time I went to a salon and availed their service. My nails were all murdered and  they didn't sanitized their tools after doing the nails of their other customers! eeeekkkkkk! Since then, I began doing my own nails and bought my own manicure set, in that way, I can control if I'm about to cut myself. hehe.

Moving on..........

If I'm not buying a lipstick, that means I'm eyeing for another nail polish. Yeah. That's my obsession and collection, and late last year, I began collecting branded ones from the US or other SE Asian countries. Right now, I have like a dozen of them and when I summed up everything, I can't believe that I really accumulated THAT much! **hides under the bed**

Okay, 'nuf of that because today, I'll be showing you my favorite color of them all:



topped my pinkie nail with Bobbie's The Big Bang

oopppsss....sorry for the messy application.. ^_^


Blue Collar is my go to nail polish this summer! The color really represents the sky and the sea.  And when I wanna look fab, I just layered it with Bobbi's The Big Bang. It look so pretty.♥

Orly has a wide array of nail colors and finishes. Their nail polishes are so pigmented and applies smoothly and they lasts for about 4-7 days on my nails with minimal chipping. I always use my ever trusty Seche Vite quick dry as a top coat, and I think it also helped in minimizing the chipping that may occur. Orly nail polishes aren't easily available here in the Phils. You can only find it in selected department stores or online. I ordered mine from and the price are just the same from those on department stores. They also offer free shipping at that time so I ordered 6. (I have already blogged about my hauls here and here.) I will show the other 5 on my next posts. :)

'Til next!

Price: Php 349.75
Place: Zalora