Monday, March 11, 2013

Bobbie Nail Polish in The Big Bang

On to my nail polish addiction, I admit that I really overlooked local nail polishes before due to my last experience from OMG nails. Yes, the color is pretty and blah, but it made my nails yellow and sort of fragile because every now and then a nail chipped on my hands. So I turned to higher-end brands and finally settled on them without looking back.

BUT seeing these cute and sparkly polishes from Bobbie made me realized, "hey, I forgot about this brand already huh, what a shame ~_~"  Bobbie Nail Polishes has this wide array of shades. Be it nudes, vibrant, hot, neon, frost, metallic, glitters to plain colorless. Its price is quite higher (i think) than Caronia Nail Polish ( a local brand here) or they are about the same range. They're polishes lasts on me for about 3 days (very minimal chipping) with doing household chores and laundry on the washer. So, I decided that since I am determined to reach my financial goal this year, I'll settle on buying Bobbie nail polishes for the meantime since they are in very good quality for it's price. I'll prefer this over my Etude House nail polishes because it holds on to my nails longer.

Those glitters are to die-for!

On top of Vamp (red) and Black Shadow. Applied 2 coats on each nail.

Kinda blurry pic. ^_^

It kinda reminds me of Tony Moly nail polishes, the ones with this kind of "chunky" glitters. I think it's the new trend nowadays. hehe.

For the price of only Php31.75 for an 8ml bottle, it's a good buy because it's also toxin-free and it's included on their premium line.