Saturday, March 9, 2013

Hello Kitty 3D iPhone Case

When my Muah and I went to Divisoria couple of weeks ago, I asked him if I could get a case with stones and blings for my iPhone as I find my Griffin bumper guard already boring. I am also on search for a much affordable slick wraps kinda wannabe sticker to change the look of my phone. 

After passing aisle after an aisle, we finally saw this case which is priced more cheaper than other who sells this for Php400 more! Whatda ef right?! (the secret on buying in Divisoria, since it's a shopping haven for people like me, is to haggle, haggle, and haggle 'coz eventually, the Chinese stall owners will agree on the price you want hehe)

This design has several color combinations but this color really caught mine and Muah's eyes.

It's a super pretty color. Mint green/ tiffany blue combined i think? The case is quite heavy though because the Hello Kitty attached is made in metal, plus all the stones so you get what I'm tryin' to say. I do not mind because they all envied and want to buy one too! lolz. I also bought the white front and back sticker too and it made my iPhone more pretty and fab!~ 

Price : Php300.00 - case

           Php 130.00 Stickers

Place bought: 168 Mall, Binondo Manila.

'Til next! :)


Anonymous said...

hi sis. where in 168 mo sya nabili? it's really cute and ang sosi looking! :)

KiTziBebe said...

Hi. I'm not really sure on the cubicle # sis kasi dikit-dkit sila dun dba..., pero it's on the ground floor bandang dulo.. hehe

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