Thursday, August 2, 2012

I am a spoiled Wife: My Fitflop Rokkit - Silver Nova

I know. I bought this one last June 29, '11 pa. I just want to post all of them! nyahaha!

This is my 1st pair or shall I say 2nd? (I got my Pietra Bronze replaced with this).


With her fellow sissies Walkstar 1 Indium and Electra Strata Black Magic. I loooove them!

I say this one is my favorite of all. I super love shiny shimmering splendid things!  Last year also, After the 2nd time of wearing it, I noticed that I lose a stone, so I emailed Fitflop Phils. if they could do something about it.. They got a very good after sales! They sent me extra 5 stones for my Rokkit over at Fitflop Store at SM Southmall 'coz it's where I'm nearer. I'm a satisfied and very happy customer. And that's where my addiction all started. Bow. Tehee!!

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