Thursday, August 2, 2012

Cyleina Tomato Soap

I was on search for a nice toner and facial wash yesterday at SM Southmall while waiting for my Muah to pick me up. I already planned on getting the Neutrogena facial scrub and toner but it's quite expensive and I am not yet sure if it will be effective on controlling my sensitive and super oily face. While I was looking aisle after aisle, I spot this soap. I already read some reviews regarding this but I am still not intrigued to the extent that I will buy it just to try it.... Well, due to my lost of hope, I finally decided to get one and give it a try.




I could not yet say if it is effective or not because I just got it yesterday and just used it twice. All I can say is after washing my face with it, It feels smoother and more supple. It isn't drying too, well at least for me. I just hope that this soap will truly give my cheeks a rosy glow though. haha! And also control the oiliness of my face! hehe

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After using the soap for 1 week, here's what my skin looks like and  my verdict. ---No retouch on brightness or any photoshopped done.**

                                                            Taken outdoors. Slightly gloomy.
Notice my blemishes on day 1? I always have like that. Well, I would prefer that instead of pimples. ^_^

I can say that on the first couple of washes on my face, I felt a stinging effect but it's very tolerable. I only leave the soap for a couple of seconds and then rinse it off. I use it also on my body and I love how supple and squeaky clean my skin is after bathing. It's also not drying on my body, but on face, after 1 week, I felt the "banat" effect, but it can be remedied with a moisturizer. ^^

All in all, this soap really delivers. It brightens my skin more, and I dunno if it's just me but I noticed that my pores looks a little smaller too. It evens out my skin tone and definitely controlled the oiliness of my face. About the "rosy glow" on my cheeks, well, when I look at the mirror or say I took shots from my cp cam, I can see that my cheeks are pink, and I love how my husband notices that my skin looks porcelain again. ^_^

I hope that with my continued use of this soap, I'll achieve a flawless skin. I'll keep you posted once I reached a month of using it. :)

Price: Php105.00
Place: SM Southmall Watsons
Score: 9/10

I can't give a perfect 10 because I still have some blemishes left. We'll see what will happen in a month if my skin will improve more.