Wednesday, October 10, 2012

My Birthday Haul -Part 3

I'm so happy yesterday because both of my online orders came just in time for my big day. (credits to the couriers LBC and JRS Express) As I said on my earlier posts, I really want to build my own make-up kit. It's not that I am a make-up junkee, but I feel that every girl/woman must have one. :) I want to have an eyeshadow pallette, but I can't justify to spend Php2500-3000 just for it! (UB Naked 1 &2 is what I am eyeing at)So, i search and search for a good makeup brand that carries the pallettes I'm looking for and I came into Updated Trends website. They're the official distributor of Sleek Make-ups and MUA here in the Philippines. I wanted to get one from Sleek (the Storm palette) but, it's priced at Php650, and since I'am just a newbie in eye make-up, I decided to get one from MUA instead, and hey, it did not disappoint me! :) The Dusk 'Til Dawn Palette is so pretty! The colors are oh so awesome and very pigmented. It's shimmery right, but it's pretty, believe me. *winks* The only downside of this palette from MUA is that, it doesn't have a mirror, but it's not a big deal for me as I bought a huge one from Divisoria, *happy me* and it doesn't have a name for each color.

                                                                  With flash

                                                                 Without flash

The look I created:

Using this colors + MAC Pink Nouveau on lips

 Honestly speaking, I can't see any cons from this palette. All of the colors are so pigmented and and color pay-off  really pretty! All of them are wearable from day to night! (maybe that's why it's been named "Dusk 'Til Dawn lol) I just need to get some good eye brushes so I could start practicing. :)

Price:  Php400.00