Wednesday, October 10, 2012

My Birthday Haul - Part 2 "What's in a box?"

Hubby and I went to Divisoria (my shopping haven!)to shop for some clothes for his nephew. He asked me what will I buy there, and I said, I want another traincase because the first one that he bought for me is quite small already for my make-up kit. (yeah, i'm slowly building one ^_^) So, since my birthday's in 3 days, he said that I'll go ahead and pick up what I want! *yipeee!!! that's why I love him so much! he's very supportive!* *winks* I want to have another style, but the stall where we bought  my first make-up traincase only carries this one, and I originally want the black leatherette style one but it has a damage so I opt to get this color instead which led us to wait for roughly 30-40 mins. just to get a new stock! (oh well, patience is trully a virtue) Oh, and online sellers sells this kind for a whopping Php3000-3500 pesos! *wt-ef* so here it is! :D

                                             Size comparison between my pink butterfly traincase.

                                              It's really BIG. Believe me. lol

                                               See how Huge it is? :)) Love love love it! ♥

  I so love this traincase to bits! It also has a security lock and keys so that you can keep your make-ups or anything that you stored there away from intruders. hehe. Now, all I need to get are some nice make-up brushes, bronzer and highlighter and my make-up kit's complete. ♥

Price: Php1300.00
Place: 168 Mall, Binondo Manila