Friday, August 24, 2012

My Pink Butterfly Traincase

We went to Divisoria last Tuesday to buy clothes for the kids. I also planned to look for acrylic cases for my make-up stash (yeah, I'm building one..hehe) but unfortunately, we didn't saw one that I was looking for. All that they have are for lipsticks. sucks. So, while strolling and looking for something else, Hubby saw this small traincase on a stall, but it's pricey at Php500. So we looked around isle after isle and voila! We found a much bigger traincase for almost the same price! :)) *wink

Here's my precious baby!

                                           Just to give you an idea on how big it is compared w/ my HTC Wildfire.

                                         It has 4 expandable compartments and roomy main/base compartment.

                                               My make-up stash. love love! ♥

I wanted to buy the much bigger version of this, but I realized that I am not a make-up artist pala. *slaps forehead*  so I don't need it. lol. We got it for a really great price as other sellers are selling this size for Php 1300-1500! yay! I forgot to buy a mirror with led lights! 'Di bale, tomorrow na lang! haha.

Price: si-pi-ty as per the woman Chinese owner hehe (ahh... php650 pala! lol)
Place: 168 Mall


Anonymous said...

goodevening ma'am! pwede ko ba malaman exact location nang pinagbilhan mo nyan sa 168 mall? my girlfriends birthday is coming up and I she'll be so happy to have one of that. :) thank you

KiTziBebe said...

Hi. I did not get the stall's name, pero located po yun sa ground floor ng 168, left bldg. kung manggagaling ka sa 999 mall.(2 bldgs. un kasi right?)nasa far most left side, almost sa dulo ng ground floor (yung malapit po sa exit points papuntang Divi Mall)
Marami actually sellers ng traincases, pero they sell the cheapest. :)

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