Thursday, September 26, 2013

Mac Impassioned - Review and swatches

I actually had this for almost a year already, but, I really seldom use it because, I'm still trying to finish my Girl About Town tube. Yeah, I know... I'm a lipstick sucker. haha.

Moving on......

Mac Impassioned Lipstick is a nearly neon pink-red with a hint of coral warmth. It has an amplified creme finish. It yields opaque color coverage, and it has a fairly creamy consistency that enables a good glide of color to spread evenly across the lips during application.  (captioned from Temptalia)

Don't get me wrong. I really really love the color specially when my lips are hydrated enough to wear such bold color like this! The description that Temptalia wrote on her blog definitely says it all. IT IS NEON. Period. BUT, it's such a pretty color when worn on your lips. CAUTION: This color is not for the faint of heart! And if you don't like people looking at you because of you wearing this, well, better skip this! lol. Kidding aside, when I first saw the tube, I thought I wasn't able to pull it off, with my NC 20 skin, I'm afraid that it might look too bright or too red on me, but hey, it turned out to be one of the most beautiful and unique color that I ever had! It instantly brighten up my face! It's good for those lazy days that you don't want to put an effort or look too made up, all you gotta do is swipe a layer or two and voila! You're all good to go. Mac Impassioned Lipstick has an amplified formula too which is my favorite among all of MAC's finishes and has that distinct vanilla smell but don't worry, you won't taste it. ^_^ 

 It definitely stays for hours, and when I says hours, about 5-6 hours on my lips without eating of course, and when it fades out, it leaves a really pretty pink stain. :) OOOhhhhhh, such a pretty lipstick!


Amplified finish
Creamy, opaque and doesn't bleed
Unique color
Lasts for hours
Expensive. (as all MAC lipsticks are)