Saturday, August 18, 2012

The Balm blusher in Down Boy

Me and my kids met up with their hilaw na Lolo at Alabang Town Center, (who just came back from Australia and will stay here for 2 weeks) and treat us for dinner at Giligan's. Yeah it's been I think 5 long years since he last saw his apos. And oh well, after that we headed at the mall because it's currently having it's Paint the Town Red sale mallwide! *eyes-widened* I have been lemming to have this blusher from the brand The Balm as I have read very good reviews, though it's sad that it's underrated. (sucks!) We went to Beauty Bar at Commerce Mall where this shop is located and quickly headed at The Balm counter. My eyes glisten with adornment as I saw all these pretty things in such a pretty packaging. I almost bought 3 blushes at one stop! haha! (yeah, hubby will not buy me NARS DP anymore if I do that) I really want a nice cool-toned pink matte blush that can deliver a nice natural flush. (i have an oily face and I dunno, kinda acidic?) 

Okay, back to the blush. Here's the description from Sephora:

What it is:
A shadow and/or blush.

What it does:
TheBalm Down Boy adds just the right amount of pink to cheeks. The formula is paraben free and made of fine-graded powder, which helps to provide an even and smooth texture to the skin. The light-reflecting particles give off an aura of elegance that's sure to get you noticed.

Size: 0.75 oz

                                          The Balm is known for this kind of packaging. SOooo cute! ♥ 



                                                              Down Boy is a nice kind of bubble gum pink blush.

                                                                              Its price.

    Down Boy on my cheeks.

The Balm's Down Boy is the kind of pink cool toned blush that I think will suite ladies with pale to medium skin tones. I am not sure if it will look good on ladies with darker skins because of it's lightness. This baby is so pigmented that one should apply it light-handed or you'll have a tendency to look like you've been slapped. It's very flattering and a little bit goes a long way. (i think this pan will last me a lifetime!) It has a great texture and it applies smoothly and evenly. Even though the packaging is made from cardboard, I didn't mind it because as you can see, it's so dayum pretty! :)

If I will be given a chance to get one again from The Balm's blushes, I'll choose Hot Mama this time as it has a nice pink-peach color that resembles to NARS' Orgasm. :)

Price: Php850.00
Place: Beauty Bar, Alabang Town Center Mall


Anonymous said...

I'll be getting this blush soon! Awesome review girl! ^_^



KiTziBebe said...

thanks :)