Friday, August 17, 2012

My Orly Sapphire Silk swatch

I did my own manicure yesterday afternoon. Yeah, I rather save more pennies than spending hundreds in a salon.(weird right 'coz I have an addiction on expensive nail polishes yet I'm kuripot when it comes to having my nails done. lol) I have my trusty manicure kit anyway. (i will blog about it soon) 

 I decided to wear Sapphire Silk because it looks so elegant from the bottle. It's like an ancient jade, and I dunno, but It felt like it's Christmas already when I wore it. :) For me, it gave me that kind of vibe. :)) 

                                                'scuse me here, I just woke up and getting ready for work. ^^

                                             This is the closest color I can capture. A little more darker and bluer in actual.

The verdict:

As I have said, Orly Sapphire Silk reminds me of Christmas. :) It has this hue of green and dark blue that when combined looks like an ancient jade. My nails look so elegant with them and it compliments my skintone well.:)

(My rate with10 being the highest)
Staying Power: to be updated after 1 week
Value: 10/10
Ease of use: 10/10 (it's so creamy and opaque. I only needed two coats to see it's color, but I made it 3 anyway because the color looked so good!)
Pigmentation: 10/10 

Price: Php349.75
Place: Zalora

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