Thursday, August 16, 2012

My Etude House mini haul, Tony Moly & Pinky Swear eye shadow

I went to SM Southmall yesterday to buy some stuffs from Etude. I finally was able to get my hands on their Color my Brow brow mascara that I've been lemming for ages! Good thing that when I went there, it's on stock and last piece already! (lucky me!) I also got myself a Draw my brows (am i right about the name? lol) pencil brow liner to match the color of Color my Brows. And since I can't find a really cool toned pink blush, I went to the department store and look at some beauty counters, but unfortunately, I did not find one. (yeah, the truth is, I am asking hubby to buy Nars Deep Throat or Angelika blush *wink*)So, I just got this lash mascara from Tony Moly, and I must say that it is a bang for your buck purchase. :)'Was also looking for a contouring powder or bronzer or whatever beauty bloggers called it, but, I ended up getting one from Pinky Swear eyeshadow. Well, I am a beginner on contouring et. al haha!

Here's what I purchased:


                                                   Drawing Eyebrow pencil in #03 (brown)     Php128

                                                        Love its slanted design.

                                                            back of Color my Brows carton package.



                                                              Color my Brows in #2  Php328

                                                  Tony Moly Simply Style Mascara - Volume  - Php198

                                                              Yeah, this one's matte.

                                   It looked dark for contouring my nose. It looks better talaga as an eyeshadow. hehe

                                                    Me wearing Color my Brows + Drawing eyebrow from Etude. :)

Haiist... I wonder what contouring powder should I buy for my skintone.. I can't find any brand on Southmall that has a contouring powder, all they have are shimmery brown eyeshadows.
Any suggestions? I want to learn how to contour my nose and cheekbones but I don't have any idea on what to get. LOL. Any help will be much appreciated! :)


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