Monday, January 25, 2010

What's inside my Hedgren???

Well, Here's what's inside of my bag.. As you see, this is a BIG bag, the main reason why i bought this is 1). it's HEDGREN! ^_^ 2). it's so roomy that all of my stuffs will fit it 3). it has a very nice quality and durability. 4) cute design which can be convertible! My bag consists of 2 bag organizers, my orange Canon Ixus 95is digicam orange case and a pouch. This is my 1st organizer bag: a big black one...
- my Secret Charm body mist by Victoria's Secret (sometimes i use my Lacoste Booster or Lacoste pour Femme for special occasions.. ^^)
-my Magnolia hand & body lotion (Mark's & Spencer). I usually bring different lotions whenever i go out. Some where Sweet pea, Peony (Bath & Body works) & Iris (Mark's & Spencer)
- my first aid kit w/c includes: band aids, vicks vaporub, betadine, cotton buds & ammonia
- handy alcohol
- my shades (my glasses also but i'm wearing it at the time i took these pics ^^)
- my 2010 Cory Aquino planner ( Thank God I am a Filipino)
- Inoxcrom pen (I have been using this for over 3 yrs. already!)
- TicTac mints ( i have to have at least any kind of mint candies in my bag for my kids whenever we travel)
-and of course... my birthstone Rosary and Rosary book. I believe that every time i have my rosary with me, I am safe. ^_^

My 2nd bag organizer: a yellow one: It consists of....
- tissue
-wet tissue ( a must! specially for the use of my eldest son..haha)
- cookie emoticon mirror that i bought at Clipper, Festival Mall Alabang.
- my celphone (a Sun cellular lined 2700 Nokia)
-my 2 perfumes (Lacoste Booster and Lacoste Pour Femme) in 5ml convenient bottles that i bought at Festival Mall.

and last but not the least, my Benetton pouch where i put all my make ups in & body pouch for my digicam. ^^ (the Benetton? I've been using it for almost 4 yrs. already!! whoa....)

This includes:
- my lipstick case in green that has Maybelline Glazed Red Apple and Lightberry.
- my Blistex lipbalm
- Maybelline mascara in black
- E.L.F. concealer and eye shadow quad in Naturals.
- Penshoppe bronzer ( it works!)
- G-lish Tutu & Pinched blusher and the one in orangey color (but when you put it on your cheeks, it gives a natural looking blush! :)
- The Face Shop lipstick in Pale pink (nude)
- 4U2 eyeliner
-Maybelline liquid aqua foundation
-Pigeon compact powder in White
- blusher brush, eyeshadow and eyebrow brush

Well, that's it! LOL! I don't still have my Esprit umbrella that i'm planning to buy soon. ^^ Originally, I also want to have my mini bible on it but i find it too heavy already and "masikip" na for my bag, so I decided to leave it permanently in my house. I still didn't include my PSP and Coach wallet in this pic though huh! hahaha..'Till next time! "hope i'll be showing my Kipling bag then.... ;) Ciao!

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