Monday, April 19, 2010


Well, all of us is entitled to our own WISHLISTS, and believe me, for the past 2 sleepless nights, i've been thinking of these gadgets that i really wish i could have.........

Any of these WiFi ready phones. Yeah, i'm a social networking addict! LOL.. Really needs this to check emails without bringing my laptop with me. Well, as of today, the Samsung Corby WiFi now retails for as low as P7,700 while the Nokia E71 drops down to only P13,000! WHOA.......I'm not too picky so any of these two will do. :)

An ITOUCH!!!!!! Need to say more?? I've been drooling for this one for the past 4 months already, and yet, i still don't know when will i be able to come up with this lovely thingy... :(

And finally..... A Nintendo Wii and DS for my boys. They already have a Sony PSP but it gets boring sometimes playing the usual game over and over again....

That's it! I know that this might be a wishful thinking, but, hey! Who knows? I might be able to get all of these soon. ;P

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