Wednesday, August 1, 2012

My Lacoste New Classic Bowling Bag Replacement In Angel Blue

Last Friday, I noticed that there's a tear on one of the handles of my Lacoste bag that i just bought exactly 2 weeks ago. So, i panicked and called the store which is in Mall of Asia where we bought it and ask about their store return policy. So, as the SA that i talked to explained, it is valid for a month or a 30 day return policy proven that the cause has been by a factory defect. So we went there at Lacoste MOA yesterday and showed the defect that I was referring to.
See? I really didn't noticed that on the day that we bought it 'coz i never really inspected it that well because of my excitement as it was the last piece that they had.

The sad part is, the store in MOA doesn't have that kind of style anymore. It's been out of stock the following day that we bought it. They ask if I wanna have a different style but I can't find anything that suits me, and I said I really prefer to have it replaced by the same design even if it's in another color, basta ganon pa din. So they called different branches to ask if they still carry this bag. The store located in Alabang Town Center still has it but it's already reserved by their "regular" customer (kahit di pa sya bayad naman and aren't they suppose to prioritize the ones that has a complaint on their merchandise?) THAT SUCKS. Luckily, when they called the Glorietta 4 store, they still have one in Pelican color (beige one) so though i want to still have it in Eclipse (navy blue) color, i agreed  na lang, rather than to exchange for other styles. ( i don't like their new style of bags, the ones that has a large croc logo embroidered on a canvass material) So they asked for my name and contact number so they will put that bag on G4 on hold.

So, we went a while ago at Glorietta 4 just to have it replaced. When we were there na, I introduced myself as the one who's about to get the replacement for it na, the  guy SA there said that they don't have that New Classic Bowling bag already! WTF!? Instead, he showed me the Everyday Classic bag in beige. YEAH, IT IS BEIGE i know, but it's not a New Classic bag! So I asked the SA's available there to call the store in MOA and ask why the hell they say that they have it in G4 ganung wala naman pala na?? KAIRITA DBA?! 

When the guy that's assisting me heard that, he asked the SA on the counter for something and he went inside the stock room, and hey, GUESS what he found!?

They have the last piece of a NEW CLASSIC BOWLING BAG pa pala, in other color nga lang. I asked them why the hell they claimed na wala na yung ganung style earlier although meron pa naman pala? Ano yun, tinatamad lang sila mag check? Syet. Binadtrip pa nila muna ako. 

Here it is. FINALLY:

The replacement for my Eclipse New Classic Bowling bag. This time it's in ANGEL BLUE. This is my Muah's first choice as i i've mentioned in my previous post. He really find the color so pretty and uncommon. TRUE!

here is the Lacoste bowling bag that I originally bought in Eclipse. 

My new sturdy and stylish bowling bag.

No more tears on the handles.  =)


I'm still thankful to the staffs kahit na na bad trip ako ng slight. At least, it's been replaced na. 

Hopefulliy, next time i'll be buying another bag from them, there'll be no defects na. Hirap mag effort ha! Good thing dahil it looks sooooo sashal and eye catching talaga! hahaha!

Replaced at :Lacoste boutique at Glorietta 4, Rustan's

model: Lacoste New Classic bowling bag 

color: Angel Blue

Retails at : P4,450.00