Monday, July 27, 2009

save or spend part 1- cosmetics

well, as for what I think and what I apply...

As for blush ons: Well, It depends on the product and brand..For me, I never save up for something that will not be a benefit for my skin, so I always buy Maybelline Dream Mousse blusher and G-lish blushes..Aside from the fact that It will not irritate and will cause pimples on my skin, the colors really last for a long long time...So, what I can say is... SPEND. Don't risk your skin in buying cheap producta that may irritate your precious skin.

As for lipsticks... All I can say is SPEND. Don't settle for something that will make your mouth "bleed" in just a few minutes... There are a lot of branded and affordable gloss and lipsticks in the market today. Most of the brands that I used and is using are Maybelline's Watershine Glazed Red Apple lipstick and VMV matt lipsticks. (Naked Russet is my fav of all! ^_^ too bad it's already phased-out).. There are also nice lip n cheek tint like the one found in Body Shop..Although it's price isn't that affordable, It's really worth it!! I've also tried it before, and I love the natural look of blushed in your cheeks!!

As for compact powders: You can SAVE this time on this... Instead of buying brands like maybelline, Avon, Loreal, VMV, Cover girl and the like... Why not try buying Pond's, Johnson n' Johnson's or Pigeon???? The one that I'm using and most suited me was Pigeon... It only costs 250php.. (that's really cheap!!) Besides it was Japan manufactured, It's really a proven non-irritating and hypo-allergenic face powder... (also Gretchen Barretto uses this one! ^_^) I really love using it!!

As for mascaras: SPEND!! Don't let your eyes looked like they're being owned by a Goth..Where smudges can usually be seen... A lot of ccheap mascaras usually smudges when you touch your eyelashes or when you cry... Why not settle for products which are water-proof??? So you don't have to woory if you feel like crying and you're wearing a branded mascara coz It won't smudge anymore!!!Try using Maybelline and Cover Girl brands.. These are fantastic mascaras that I'm using right now.. It only cost between 250-500php...

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