Monday, July 27, 2009

What is your fashion secret shame? Can't be any worse than mine ;).

Well, before, I always bought authentic brands of bags like United Colors of Benetton, Kipling, Guess and the like..But now, since I'm already a mom, I find it too hard to let go of a large amount of money for a bag!! (yeah! ) That's why, eversince I learned to work and earn on my own, I always see to it that I will only buy the most important ones than to just slurge on branded items that I Always liked..... (whew!that really is a very hard thing to do!).. Let me start from my Lacoste replica shoulder bag that I bought at ATC way back 2005... Yeah, it's quite costly because it's a class A replica, but It's worth it beacuse of the qquality and texture of the bag... Second, my Kipling shoulder replica bag which I bought at BF Ruins, well, I've been wanting to have that shoulder bag, but to my dismay, I can't seem to find something that really looked like the authentic one, until I dropped by into a boutique when we're about to go home, I saw this cute roomy Kipling shoulder bag, and it's quite a cute large bag that I need..So, what else do you think will happen next??? Of course, since my main reason of going there is to buy a bag, I bought it for 450php..(yeah, supposed to be 550) Then I started using it, and in all fairness to it, I find it comfortable because all that I need to bring fits right in that bag!! Ang last but not the least..The last replica that I bought was a Coach file wallet...for only 200php...That is the best bargain that I could ever find! and the materials used is quite authentic looking though!! Well, this is it for now...I know soon, I'm still going to buy another one of those..So I'll keep my blog posted! ;)
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