Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Wet 'n Wild Megalast lipstick in Sugar Plum Fairy - a MAC Rebel dupe?

Wet 'n Wild Sugar Plum Fairy became popular because of it being tagged as a MAC Rebel dupe. MAC Rebel has been on my list too, but I'm always thinking twice whenever I'm about to buy it at MAC counters nor order it online. I'm not sure if I'll be able to use it often as Cosmo, Faux and Cherish because of its color (bold color we're talking about here lolz). I only want to have it- well, because- first, it's one of the best seller from MAC and second, it look so gorgeous on every lip swatches I've seen (and whenever I lip swatch it myself), be it from dark skinned to pale skinned girls. It has this unique shade that catches my attention. So, me being on a MAC lipstick ban for now finally decided to get its popular dupe of all for the meantime: enter Wet 'n Wild Megalast lipstick in Sugar Plum Fairy!

Since it's always out of stock at Wet 'n Wild counter at SM Southmall, I searched for online stores that sells it, and it's such a good riddance that I discovered The Primp Pad! They offer a variety of US cosmetics for a low price plus, the seller's nice too! :) (check out their online store for available products like Sephora, WnW, ELF etc..)

So, is it a really good dupe? Let's see.



I don't know why Wet n' Wild made this packaging, but for sure, I'm not crazy about it. It doesn't feel sturdy enough and the plastic cap seems off whenever I'm putting the cover back in - but hey, I don't mind because it is a good MAC Rebel dupe after all! I have swatch MAC Rebel over at Duty Free Phils. and MAC Alabang Town Center and I can say that they look almost alike if not 100% the same! :) The noticeable difference is the formula. Rebel has a Satin formula while Sugar Plum Fairy is matte. OOoohhhh.... matte... lolz.
I love, love this lipstick! It has GREAT pigmentation and a gorgeous semi-matte finish that isn't drying at all (or at least on my lips!). It fades evenly as hours goes by, but it leaves a pretty stain. I really consider it as a great buy because despite of its price, (around $3 in the US) it has a very good color pay off and formula that lasts at least 4 hours on me! (like my MAC amplified lipsticks) and for only Php 148.00, this is such a keeper!

This is the downside of Wet n Wild Megalast lipstick line. You can easily scrape the lipstick inside the cap by accident because it can't be fully twisted down and the lipstick itself tends to break while applying and melt when left on humid/hot areas because of its soft texture. (I hope WnW will reformulate this though)



Lip swatches:

Please do remember that we have different lip color and sometimes, our natural lip color tends to alter the color of the lipstick on tube, so the color that appeared here on my lips might not be the same when you wear it. :)
               And as always, the #selfie shot! haha. Here's me wearing Wet n Wild Sugar Plum Fairy: (note that I did not swatch it heavily on my lips here. I only layered it twice)

Very pigmented. Creamy vivid color. Glides on smoothly.
Semi-matte texture but isn't drying on my lips.
Lasts for 4 hours on my lips before fading evenly leaving a pretty stain.♥
Did not feathered out nor cause allergic reactions on my lips (flaking, itchiness)
A good dupe for MAC Rebel!
Very affordable for only Php 148.00 when bought at The Primp Pad.
The PACKAGING. I hate it.
The texture could somewhat improve too. :D
Always OUT OF STOCK at local Wet n Wild counters here in Manila
Overpriced here at Php 299.00 a tube! *boo
All in all, I am IN LOVE with the color of Sugar Plum Fairy! It's one of the few colors that I will repurchase once I finished it because it really has such a good quality for a drugstore brand and it really resembles MAC Rebel which I'm lemming to have. ♥
Have you tried Wet n Wild's Sugar Plum Fairy? Do you like it too? :D


clarise said...

i love this color sayo sis! i told you, lahat ata ng lipstick shade carry mong isuot! so pretty mom!

erika hernandez said...

looks great on you dear! too bad it is always oos here sa mga malls:( i want to swatch it first before ordering kasi baka ma shock ako at di bumagay sakin:( i read your lipstick posts and i'm so jealous dahil you could wear any color but it will still look good sayo:) goodluck on your blog pretty mommy:)

kaye descalso said...

ganda ngcolor! rebel dupe it is! thanks for this review sis! :))

KiTziBebe said...

Clarise: nako, di naman sister! lakas ng loob lang at project yan hehe.. thanks♥

KiTziBebe said...

Erika: thanks dear. yeah, it's so sad kasi WnW don't always restock their products. :( you can always opt to get one from online shops though. :) carry mo din tong color for sure! :)

KiTziBebe said...

Hi kaye! it's a Rebel dupe talaga! It's a bit deeper in person, my camera sometimes can't "adapt" the real color kasi. haha! thanks for dropping by! :D

cassy flores said...

this too! love it on you! :)

Anonymous said...

it does look like mac rebel! i have it and parehas sila ng color turn out sa lips ko!:)) great dupe!

jellobeans said...

Love this color! It's so rich and beautiful. Perfect for fall.

Here's my review of this:

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