Monday, July 27, 2009

sopas for this rainy day....

I just finished up eating sopas at my sister's house...Well, that's her treat for her bday today... She even prepared turon w/ so many langka inside!!! (yummy)... It is a really good day today beacuse I really love the weather 'coz it's cold and raining outside..... I love rainy days.... (rainy, not stormy though) My gosh! I just realized today that I've been eating nonstop carbohydrates since yesterday at Muah's house!!! we ate fettuccini right there, and now, it's sopas!!! (I'm pretty sure where will all that carbs will build in) I guess I have to start exercising and having waist trimmer again to have atleast a curve.. I also badly needed to drink up biguerlai tea to help me digest properly and loosen all those toxins out of my body..lolz!!!
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