Friday, August 3, 2012

My 1st Zalora Purchase

Yesterday, I decided to check out Zalora and their products. I read in a blog that they also have Orly nail polishes! *jumps for joy!* and they offer free shipping too! Wow, that's a big plus! *wink* So, I registered at their site and whoa.... guess what! They offer a php500 discount for the first time registrants!COOL! (forgive my exclamation points, 'coz that's what I am feeling right now: thrilled ^_^) And not only that, I received another email containing another discount of Php250 on my next purchase! They are so generous huh! (and I love it!)

Customers may opt to pay via their credit cards, bank deposits and COD. So, after reading their terms and policies, I opt to pay COD ( cash on delivery ) after checking out. Oh, by the way, their official courier is Xend solutions. ;)

Response was so quick! In a matter of i think 2 minutes, they called me to confirm my order, location and payment method. They even ask if what time do i prefer my item to be bought. :) After that, in less than a minute, they sent me my order confirmation at my email address i provided containing my info, order and total amount to be paid.

So after a day, tadaa! Here's my orders! The "courier man" wearing a Zalora shirt came at exactly 2:40 pm. He have with him a huge bag containing different orders subject for delivery. 

Let me show you my purchases. *huge smile*

                                                           It came with this cute little box! ♥    

                             My Orly nail paints! ♥

                          They looked exactly like what I'd Googled on. :)

                       Orly Royal Navy

               Orly Blushing Bud

                 Orly Blue Collar

These shades are AWESOME! "As awesome as Zalora." ^_^  I can't wait to wear this polishes and order more! *tehee*

                                            The receipt that comes in the box.

             Ooops.... Oh no, another discount coupon! ^_^ Wait- --alright, fine. I'll order again soon. ♥

from top to bottom: Blushing Bud, Blue Collar & Royal Navy.

All in all, my Zalora experience was awesome. They have awesome items from different awesome brands. They are generous on giving discounts, they offer free shipping, they value our every penny's worth by making sure that their costumers will get the satifasction they deserve. Zalora will now be my 1st choice for making Orly nail polish purchases! 

How about you? Have you purchased from Zalora yet? If not, well, do now! :)
One happy and satisfied customer here. :)

Items bought: Orly nail polishes, Php349.75/.6 fl. oz. bottle x3, went down to Php550.00 from Php1050.00 because of the Php500 coupon.(you can use this coupon with atleast Php1000 worth of purchase only. Make sure to use your coupon code first before checking out)

**Reviews on Orly nail polishes to follow***