Sunday, August 5, 2012

My MAC Lipstick in Girl About Town

I've lemming to have at least 1 MAC lippie for a long time..... Yeah, the price on MAC counters here is so overpriced! Imagine, in the US, you can get it for $14.50 each on MAC website and on Nordstrom! Not cool right? So, when my Aunt Lorie went there 5 days ago, I ask her to buy me 4 MAC lipsticks! lol! Too bad 'coz she'll stay there until October pa... haha... well, I can wait for that *wink*

So, just when I thought that I can wait for my MAC lipsticks, there's this one website that has a lot of feedback about selling Authentic MAC and other brands for a cheaper price. La Petite Confiserie has been always on the list whenever I googled "mac sellers in the Philippines" and when I checked them on forums like girltalk, they really have a good feedback, so, I said to myself : " well, I could give them a try" hahaha.. So much for my pasulot to buy a MAC lipstick. *wink again* So, I contacted them at first thru their email address, and they replied after an hour or so just to confirm if they still have stocks for the color that I want, and luckily, they still have some. :) Without further ado, I submit my order on their website and got my confirmation and invoice later at night. (they have a problem on internet connection at that time that's why they're able to confirm online orders at night na) I deposited my payment last Wednesday, and they shipped it thru Xend on Thursday. Well, as for Xend, my package was a day delayed, but hey, what can we ask for a really cheap price for their service right? And, also, it's not unusual for any courier specially it's raining non stop this week to be delayed, so, I just patiently wait and followed it up on their hotline (which took forever to answer) In fairness, their staffs are so cooperative in tracking it and contacting the rider assigned and I really commend them for that effort :). They even called me yesterday (Friday night around 7) just to assure me that the package will be brought here, I just have to wait until 9pm daw but for sure, it will be delivered. Wait, whoa... their riders are delivering parcels until that time?! I kinda felt sad and guilty tuloy, because I told the woman on the phone that I need it badly, even though, It's okay din naman to have it delivered on Monday instead... :(

Well, hubby said, "that's life. we all have options on what kind of work we would like to have" :(
Honestly, I wasn't expecting kuya rider na 'coz it's already 8:50pm, but lo and behold, my niece came up here and told that I have a package and kuya rider was right beside him! Thank God he arrived safely and the package is already here finally! :)

Girl About Town is one MAC's most coveted lipstick ever! I really love how it looks so good on any skintone. It's like every woman's must have lippie! :) I originally want to order Chatterbox, but decided to just ask my Aunt to buy it together with Angel and Impassioned. :)

Here's with flash. I only applied ample amount just to cover my entire lips. I tried it right after I opened it last night, thus the picture says it all. hahaha

Here's what it looked like on natural lighting. Taken few moments ago.

(updated pic of me ^_^ )

I love it! I wanna buy Pink Nouveau this time. hehe..

Price: Php875+50 shipping fee (MM areas only)
Place brought: La Petite Confiserie

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