Sunday, August 5, 2012

My Fitflop Rokkit Silver Nova's Missing Stone

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Yeah, this is not a good blog about my new Rokkit, i know right? But i might as well blog what happened.

On June 28th, me and my Muah had my Pietra replaced for A Fitflop Rokkit at Res-Toe-Run at Festival right? But i still wasn't able to use yet because i'm kinda "nanghihinayang" pa because when I go out side of house to our street. GRABE. Kamusta naman ang alikabok at tubig na we all know will lead to being a putik. 

Okay,  so I wanna to take some picture of my feet wearing it so i took it out of it's plastic - and WHOA my eyes widened in horror! One piece pf stone is missing on the left pair of my Rokkit!! That SUCKS BIG TIME.  The thing that came to my mind is to check my floor if it just fell when i took it out. No luck. I'm so bothered because of that. I wasn't able to work for quite a while because i keep on searching for that tiny stone.. I wonder why did that kind of Fitflop which has a price tag of almost 5k be like that, huh?! isn't it supposed to be in EXCELLENT quality? I mean, hindi ba dapat yung stones like that eh, super bonded extremely well that it won't fall off that quick? Imagine, i haven't USE it yet pa nga, I just took it out from it's plastic, then suddenly, malalagasan na ng 1 stone? ARRRRGGGHHH!. So to my frustration, I commented on their Facebook page asking where can i get/buy spare stones for it. GOOD THING, Fitflop Phils.' responded so quickly, told me that can have it fixed but it will take 3-4 days or they can give me spare stones because it's easy to repair lang naman that I could do it on my own so i said alright DIY will be fine. So they asked me which branch do i prefer to claim the stones. They asked for my email address again so they could send the instructions on how to put the stones on the flap (they even provided instructional photos to make my life easier hehe). Thanks to them, i got it just a while ago at Fitflop SM Southmall. 

 I looked for Ms. Teresa, Fitflop Southmall's supervisor because she'll be the one who's give this to me. (kala ko naman they will give me like 10 pcs. of stones, 5pcs lang pala )

See the missing stone?

Actually, it's not obvious naman, BUT, for it's TAG PRICE, hellooooooo???? And I did not used it pa.

Hayyy... Still sending my gratitude to Fitflop PH for attending to my "kamalasan" na naman on my Fitflop. I HOPE this will be the LAST "kapalpakan" that i'll encounter (hirap mag address ng complaints din noh.. ).

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