Friday, August 3, 2012

I'm a spoiled Wife: My Fitflop Oasis II- Rosa Pink

Before I had an accident last week, my hubby and I went at Fitflop SM Southmall to purchase another sandals for me. I am torn between the Walkstar 3 Metallics - Bronze and Oasis 2 - Rosa Pink at that time, but decided to get the latter because I really want to have a red sandals with a red footbed (or should I say "maroon?")

               I dunno why it is called "Rosa Pink" when you can see it clearly as a deep red or even Maroon. :)

Yeah, I have a big feet! LOL. I am a US 8 for their narrow foot bed and US7 for the wide ones like Electra and Walkstar 1 and 3-metallic. This Oasis 2 is made in Vietnam like my Electra Strata Black Magic, while my Rokkit Silver Nova, Walkstar 1 Indium and Pietra Antique White are all made in China. I guess the labor's much cheaper in Vietnam.

                                          The fit is like of my Walkstar 1. Slim narrow foot bed.

I guess I'm a spoiled wife, but I know that I deserve all this stuffs that I'm getting from my ever dearest husband. He knows how much I'm worth of, and I'm really grateful for that. I love him with all my heart and soul. 

Price: Php1990.00 (marked down price)
Palce: Fitflop, SM Southmall