Friday, August 3, 2012

I'm a spoiled Wife: My Fitflop Electra Strata - Black Magic

This was bought last December (of course courtesy again of my beloved mister), and I just had the chance to took pictures of it because I just cleaned it. :) This one's so pretty and I can wear it to formal occasions for it is black. Fitflop Electra Strata has also a wide foot bed just like of  Walkstar's. I am a size US8 for my other Fitflops but in this case, since it has a wide foot bed, It runs big that's why I got the US7. The fit is just fine. As in sakto sya sa feet ko.

I'm still saving up to buy my 6th pair next month.:) Call me an addict but hey, who won't be? They are the most comfortable footwear that I ever use! So I say, I WILL BE BUYING MORE!

Price: Php2,500.00 (marked down sale)
Place: Fitflop, SM Southmall