Friday, August 3, 2012

My ELF Regular and Waterproof mascara in Duo

I am kuripot when it comes to mascaras that I always buy from Maybelline. I feel that It's not worth to buy mascaras priced above 500 pesos. Well, that's me though.  
The bad thing about this mascara that I bought is that, it's almost USELESS. As in it's so hard like a gum that you can not squeeze out the brush specially the waterproof side. Good thing that when i tried putting water on the regular side, it 's already usable.  geeshh. So much for saving and opting for the much cheaper one. arrrghhh.

I swear that I'll never get this brand again for my mascara! >_<

Price: 129.75
Place bought: SM Southmall

Rating: 1 poorest, 5-highest
Verdict: 1/5

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