Friday, March 8, 2013

MUA (Makeup Academy) palette in Dusk 'til Dawn

Last year was the year that when I became obsessed with make-ups. Actually, I don't have any good eyeshadow palette yet in my traincase (I'm building one at that time too) so, I searched for blogs that features eyeshadow palettes. I came accross NYX, Sleek, Dollface and MUA. Of all the 4, MUA has all the colors that I'm looking for, and aside from that, it's the cheaper than the rest of the gang.

So, I ended up ordering this one from a trusted seller in Multiply, the Updated Trends. They also offer Sleek brand makeup, Charm brushes and the famous My Konjac Sponge (I also bought mine from them!). I chose Dusk 'Til Dawn palette as I immediately fell in love with colors.♥

I'm not sure if they have a name for each eyeshadows but you gotta agree with me that they all look pretty!




Of all the colors, I love the top row most because I'm a daytime gal. I think that the bottom colors are more suited for party night outs, but I still like them though and wear it sometimes.

All in all, this is a really great buy, 'coz for only Php420.00, you'll get this amazingly pigmented palette! It's so affordable specially I'm a newbie on eyeshadow application. haha!

I wanna try Sleek next. I heard they have dupes for UD naked 1&2 palette.

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