Saturday, March 9, 2013

X-Mini II speakers

Last year, I began my fascination in watching the Arrow tv series online (TheWalking Dead just finished it's season at that time). I can't wait to check every now and then to see if the new episode has been uploaded already. I prefer to watch it at my iPad 3 instead here at my laptop because, the sound is much better. But there comes a time that I can't hear what I'm watching due to maybe poor sound of the downloaded link (I know it's free anyways so who I am to complain huh) so I decided to get this monster speaker from the Power Mac Store at SM Southmall. What do I mean by monster? Please keep reading.......

Ooopppsss, sorry for the dirt. I've been using this almost everyday. 

If the battery is fully charged, it will show a blue light but, when it is not, then a red light will show.

with it's cable

When I first read some reviews about this little hamburger-like speakers and even watched some videos in youtube, I was already sold that I would like to get it. It will be perfect when I'm watching Arrow  and The Walking Dead S3 episodes. I ask my Muah to go to the mall and look for this one 'coz I know that Power Mac Center in Southmall carries this brand. So when I saw it, I immediately ask the SA to test the color that I want to see if it's working well and paid for it right away. (yeah because the mall's about to close so we hurried everything up! lolz)

When we got home, I could not contain my happines when I tested it with my iPad. At last! I can watch all the series that I want with a great and amazing sound! Don't be fooled by the size of this one, though it could really fit into my palms, lo and behold, you could actually hear the bass! It may be the "mind bogging" bass (really you would really expect that?) but it's a very decent one which will make you say "that. is. so. cool."
I even think that it's much much better than the Altec Lansing one (the small circular one) because my sister have that and you can really compare the sound quality of the two and for me, this one's really better. It can get shockingly loud but will tend to sound hollow when you set the volume so high. (it says at the leaflet that comes with it that it is best to have the volume set atleast 60-70% for the maximum sound experience, as I remember)

The size is perfect as it will fit into your pockets with ease. It comes with a pouch too so it's really convenient when you carry it inside your bag. The colors that I saw at the Powe Mac Center was orange, red, lime green and this violet. It retails for Php 1650.00, which I did not find expensive because you will really get what you paid for. The quality, sound, contentment. My Muah actually wanted the Egg-shaped one whis has 2 speakers 'coz the difference is only 100 bucks but I refuse to get it as I think it will be big to carry around. 

All in all, I am so satisfied with my X-Mini II. It's a gadget that's worth your money.

Retails at : Php 1650.00
Place bought. : Mac Power Center SM Southmall

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