Thursday, May 9, 2013

Review: Charm Vegan line Angled Blush/Contour brush

I love pink brushes. Yeah. It's so obvious that when you take a look at my traincase, You can see that my makeup brushes are all pink! (aside from my 4 Marionnaud ones hehe).

I bought these mid last year I think when Multiply held a promo. I ended up getting 5 brushes from Beauty and Minerals 'coz it's 20% off on total fee with free shipping already. (opportunity grabbed there lols)

I learned about Charm Makeup Brushes from reading beauty blogs and some reviews. I wanted to have a soft and high quality brushes so I caved in and finally ordered some. :D

I'll be sharing my thoughts on this Charm Makeup Angled Blush/Contour blush first.

                       My first impression:
Alright. First thing I noticed upon touching the brush is its softness. It's soft and feels sturdy at the same time. The ferrule feels sturdy too as well as the handles. It has this Charm logo at the bottom of the handles which I find simple but pretty.
 The bristles:
As I have said, it has sturdy and soft bristles. It is not as densely packed as my Beauty Cosmetics brushes though. I also experienced some pricking on my cheeks when I use this. I dunno, must be the baby wash that I use whenever I bathe this baby or it's just that, the bristles isn't just as soft as I want them to be.

It's quite dense, but NOT as densed as I thought it would. It's okay though for applying blushes with high pigmentations such as NARS because it will let you apply sheerer and control the color that you want. It's like if you have a heavy hand, then go use this one. :)

Overall, I wasn't so impressed with this brush. I think that there are other better blush/contour brush than this one. Don't get me wrong- Charm Makeup Brushes  are of good quality, no doubt about that, but I just feel that this particular brush can improve more. I didn't love it but don't hate it either. I still use this sometimes when I want to have a sheerer effect when applying my blushes.

How about you? Have you tried Charm Makeup Brush yet? :)

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