Monday, March 25, 2013

My Beauty Cosmetics Face Perfection Brush Set

I've been reading a lot of good reviews from this brand as I'm searching on the net. They rave on how densely packed these brushes are and how they work like the one from higher end brands. That sold me. I knew by then that I need to have these brushes.

I originally wanted to get the Core Collection set from Real Techniques, but I am only after the Buffing Brush, so, that made me think twice as I feel that it ain't worth to get the entire collection knowing that I'll be using only a single brush out of three, so, I neglected the thought of getting it when I saw these Face Perfection Set from Beauty Cosmetics. Drool. Yeah, that's my initial reaction upon seeing these brushes! The first thing that reminded me of them are the SIGMA SIGMAX KABUKI KIT - 5PC set brushes from Sigma (as I'm lemming to have one of their sets one day). It took me almost 2 weeks to have it ordered as they're not readily available yet, but, I didn't mind it because I really really want to have these Face Perfection set hehe. So the day came that Ms. Rosenn, the owner of Beauty Cosmetics posted on her Facebook page that she already have the Chelsy set (which by the way I ordered initially), I immediately asked her upon her confirmation of my order if she already has the Face Perfection set too and holy moly- yes. She have them already and told me that it consists of 5 face brushes now (it was only 4 brushes before) for only Php 950.00!  Good thing, she's a kind and accomodating seller that she let me change my order from Chely Brush to Face Perfection Set :) I'm so excited as I paid the invoice and just wait for the brushes to arrive. Came the 2nd day after the shipping date, I received it in perfectly pristine condition! I am a one happy mommah! ♥ Take a look at my new babies!♥♥♥

PICTURE HEAVY. Sorry guys, I couldn't help myself to take lots of pictures of these pretty brushes ^_^

It was carefully packed inside a bubble
wrap. (it's supposed to come in a pouch but Ms. Rosenn said the pouches will not arrive yet until last Sat. but that's just fine with me ^_^ (I ordered it Monday)

These brushes have their individual plastic sleeves too which is a plus for me. :)

On the bottom of the handles, you can see this engraved logo of the brand.

THIS is how dense these brushes are!

I labeled them by myself (I am not sure what their corresponding names and uses are) and will tell you their functions for me. I'm not a pro so, I might be using the wrong brush. hehe.

1. ROUND KABUKI: My favorite. This brush has rounded bristles and is dense. I use this as my buffing brush for my liquid foundation. I love that it's so dense yet it doesn't absorb too much product. It effortlessly spread my liquid foundation on my face, and with just a few buffing motions,  it made my face look so flawless! No kidding here!

2. SLANTED FLAT TOP BRUSH: I think this is the new brush that's been added to this collection. Like the Round Kabuki, it's also densely packed. It was just the same as the Flat Top brush, but slanted. I think I'll be using this to apply my pressed/powder foundations too.

3. FLAT TOP BRUSH: My 2nd favorite brush in this set. I tried using it to apply my powder and liquid foundation and I must say that it does a really great job! With its densed bristles, you'll be able to achieve that flawless no makeup look! I love that with this brush, you can control how the coverage of your powder/liquid foundation would be. I also tried to use it as a blush and countour brush and it also work like magic. Love love this one!

4. TAPERED KABUKI: It has a tapered bristles at the end. This is used to apply any liquid makeup. I use this to apply my primer and can contour noses and cheek/jaws too. The bristles are also dense and so soft.

5. ANGLED KABUKI: Again, just like the other brush in this set, its dense and so soft. I love how this pick up pigments from my blush powders yet the effect is subtle, You can control on how sheer or pigmented you want your blush-on to be with this one. It's softer than my Marionnaud Blush brush and much softer and denser than my Charm's Vegan angled blush brush
  (which I find pricky sometimes @_@).

 A look at each brushes:






- These brushes didn't shed nor bleed on their first wash. It took a while for the brushes to be completely dry because it's dense but you can use a fan for faster drying time (like what I do hehe).

-Super soft. Sturdy bristles and ferules.

-Perfect size of handles.

-Didn't break me out/cause any allergic reaction to my sensitive skin.

-Affordable but really do wonders!

-Product of a local seller. Support our fellow men. :)


-I can't think of any! Seriously, it's that good. :)

And, this is me, after using the Face Perfection set. I really love how flawless my skin turned out. NO EDITS DONE to alter the outcome. :)

On Face: Yves Rocher Flawless Finish Fluid Foundation
Fanny Serrano 2 way cake in Silk
In2it brow powder topped on Maybelline Eyestudio Color Tattoo in Tough as Taupe.
Nichido eyeliner in Chestnut to contour my nose
Nars Deep Throat on my cheeks
MAC Girl About Town lipstick outlined with NYX's Fuschia slim lipliner pencil

I don't have a flawless nor blemish free skin so, it's really a joy to know and prove that a brush coming from a local brand that's so affordable can do wonders and be this good! It exceeded all of my expectations as it works really great together with my BB cream and liquid/powder foundations. I know that you NEED to have a good powder/liquid foundation, BUT by using a GOOD brush, you'll be able to achieve that flawless look. Beauty Cosmetics did a really good job with these brushes! I hope they'll come out with new brushes like this one too. tehee! I also want to try the Chelsy Brush set someday as I bet they are good too! ♥ 

You can order this brush set for Php 950.00 + shipping at Beauty Cosmetics Facebook page. Check out their other brushes and makeup lines too! These brushes are available in pink and black handles.

How about you? Have you tried Beauty Cosmetics brushes yet?
'Til Next!♥


iamnotmarinel said...

hello sis... how do you compare it with Charm or Suesh brushes? I want those too! I will visit her FB page para makita ko din yung Chelsy♥ Nice photos sis.. justfollowed you now. :)

KiTziBebe said...

hi iamnotmarinel, i can't compare these sa suesh kasi i don't own one. as for charm, i have 5 from their vegan line and i must say these are much softer an denser to what i currently own. quality wise, parehas sila both firm bristles:) thanks for visiting :)

chinggay_0124 said...

agree with you sis that their brushes are good! i was able to get brushes from them at the world trade bazaar and sulit talaga kasi it's superrrr soft. i think mas okay din sya kay Suesh since i have a blush and powder brush from them, mas preferred ko talaga yung bc brushes :) nice blog sis. keep it up!

KiTziBebe said...

hi sis chinggay! thanks! yah, super sulit talaga kasi these brush set is only Php950. :)

Anonymous said...

do they ship internationally? i'm from IL, i wanna try that brush set cuz it looks perfect!♥ xoxo-isabella

Anonymous said...

Hi sis

I have a question.whichis better Chic cosmetics 5-pc kabuki set or face perfection?same.kasi style .thx

KiTziBebe said...

Hi. I don't have a chic cosmetic kabuki set so I'm not sure. :( Pero nakikita ko sa IG posts nila na they look the same lang din pero I wouldn't know kung same lang din sila ng softness at density ng bristles. :)

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