Sunday, August 5, 2012

The Face Shop Nail Polish In GR503 (Mint Green)

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I went to Southmall a while ago to get a pair of underwear (yeah, flirty look). I really wanted to get this nail polish from The Face Shop and good thing it's already available. (last time i went there it's out of stock) 

What's with this color? Actually, I really want bursting colors, as in cool, light and young! I'm dreaming to have China Glaze's and Opi's cutie nail polishes but my mind tells me it's not practical to buy expensive nail polishes like those. I also found out that there's no more Elianto counter at the Southmall's dept. store, i dunno what happened. The last time I saw them there, I bought 2 nail polishes 'coz it's sale at 69.75 pesos (original price was at 99.75) I have 5 Elianto nail polishes and yeah, thank God they're all empty. I'm also a fan of The Face Shop's nail polishes 'coz I find them so hip looking. Here's what I got this time:

with my HTC cp camera flash. looks kinda white right?

My messy application on my nails. haha.

They have a "number coding" eklavu so i dunno the name of this color.

For a P95.00 nail polish, it ain't bad at all. I had another TFS nail polish and i use it all the time .The staying power is good, like maybe in a span of 4 days, that's the only time i'd seen a "chip" on my nails. The only cons that i can say is that this color is streaky once applied. I had to make 4 coats to really bring out the opaque color of this one on my nails. (lucky me it has no bubbles, yess!!) and it's brush. I find it hard to apply with that kind of brush. (makapl na madikit na ewan haha)

All in all, this is a "must-buy" nail polish brand for those budget conscious people like me. 

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