Sunday, August 5, 2012

Replacement for my Fitflop Pietra

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Yesterday, I had my Fitflop Pietra replaced at Res-Toe-Run in Festivall Mall, Alabang due to the corrossion on it's "stone" embellishments. Actually, I bought it last December of 2010 pa but i RARELY used it. You could see it on the way it looks that it looks new pa. I have 4 more Fitflops kasi na pinanghaharabas ko, but good thing i still had the receipt even the paper bag (haha), so, when I emailed the photos to Fitflop Phils., they immediately took an action about it, and had it replaced. I'm so glad because with it's costly price, I expected a guaranteed quality of it's materials.
I emailed Fitflop Ph this picture together with other ones that i took.

Well, since i don't wanna have problems again with the "stones" thingy of Pietra, I just got the Rokkit! Well, worth every penny i must say! I just added P1,500 because the price of Pietra is P3,490 and Rokkit is P4,990. This is my second dream pair^^. I also wanted the Floretta style but, it's too girly for me (maybe next time. it's P4,490 by the way)

Here's my new Rokkit Silver Nova. Yey! =D

I just wished they came in a "fitflop box" because of it's price. =(

Ms. Melody Nubla, the brand manager of Fitflop Phils. is so accomodating and responded within 5 days. (the photos were subject for their quality control team to inspect first)

All i can say is: Fitflop Rokkit Silver Nova is L-O-V-E! ♥

Next target is Fitflop walkstar 3 Metallics in Pagoda Blue and electra Black Estrata! =D  I just have to wait for it to be on 30% off because new colors of Electra are up on September so FF say.hehe.(yeah, ganyan sila mag mark down especially kapag may new styles na silang ilalabas!)

Replaced at Res-Toe-Run, Festival Mall, Alabang
Added : P1,500.00
Retails at P4,990.00