Sunday, August 5, 2012

Nyx Lipsticks

**re-posted from my June 2010 entry in Multiply**

Well, it's not actually a big deal if a courier has been delayed for a day or two, (the recipient should always alot atleast 2-3 days upon shipping the item to be received) but syempre, as always, I'm excited to have my package the next day. 

Anyways.... here's my new lippies that's been added to my collection. I am actually a lipstick person, more on the nude-pink, pinkish-brown that looks like MLBB (My Lips But Better). So I have tried from drugstore brands like Maybelline and Loreal, to The Face Shop and VMV... After a long search for a NYX seller at multiply, I finally came up to digitaltraincase's store. NYX lipsticks has a LOT of colors to choose from! For me, I want the my lippies to be on the "natural" side, but I am thinking of purchasing a much lighter one like power or strawberry milk or the reddest of all (in my opinion) snow shite. =D

Here's the lippies when worn. (sensya na sa pic quality as I only used my phone's camera here, nakakatamad i - project like "focus" chorva sa digicam...tsaka sensya sa itsura ko po, d ako prepared..hehe)

                                                             NYX in B52 and tea rose...

Can't tell the difference?.. They both belong on the same family of colors.. More on the Pinkish-brown, but it really looks like you're wearing nothing.. B52 is more darker than tea rose, but still provides my lips a very pretty natural color! I so love these two!

B52 on natural outdoor lights.

Tea Rose on natural outdoor lights.

Tea Rose on indoor shot.

                                                               Tea Rose on indoor w/ lights.

The verdict: Well, I am really surprised that NYX lipsticks are so creamy and glides on so smoothly! But it's really much better if you treat your lips with lip balm before applying these lippies for a much smoother look on your lips.I say this is a good buy huh! Compared to Maybelline water shine, I like this one much better, for it's non-drying, very pigmented on my lips, stays much longer and has a creamy-matte satin finish.
I am planning to buy at least 2 more shades like Power (light pink-lavander hue) and snow white (dark red-burgundy, almost perfect red for me! )
Wish me luck!! haha!!!! Til next! byeeeiiiieee!!!! 

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