Sunday, August 5, 2012

My 2nd NYX Lipstick Haul

**re-posted from my  Aug 2010 entry in my Multiply account***

I purchased these 2 lovely lippies at digitaltraincase, lucky 'coz she has few stocks left onhand from her batch 9 pre-order. I am dying to have Snow White and good thing she has 2 excess lippies in this color. So here's my new NYX babies: Snow White and Narcissus.

( I only use my celphone to capture these images, i'm too lazy to put up my digicam.. hehe)

The package just arrived this afternoon...... See how it was carefully packed?? =D

Snow White and Narcissus.

Snow White is a deep red, a beautiful red.... =D while Narcissus is a Barbie pink shade (according to some reviews) but for me, it is a cute light pink...I became in love with it! I've been looking for this kind of pink for so long! (but i am also looking forward to have Louisiana)

Narcissus on my lips. (on indoor light) It kinda look pale on the picture (powder blusher from Glish in Tutu and Pinched) but believe me, it's really cute in person! 

And my favorite RED as of this moment. Snow White. (taken on indoor light) I'm soooo in love in this shade too!!! I think it pops out on my face and brightened it??? haha.. I'm a first time red lipstick wearer, and It took all the guts I have to wear it on! hehe.  
I  NYX lippies and good thing that digitaltraincase is only selling it for 160 pesos each for rls while other sellers on multiply and ebay sell it for like 200-250 each! duh? 

All in all, I am so much satisfied with my purchases again from Sol. I am hoping that when the next batch came in, I would be able to purchase some more and even a cheek blush. (I'm eyeing for Peach powder blush or Angel as I have read many good reviews about them =D)

As of now i have 4 NYX lippies:
Tea Rose
Snow White
Narcissus.. more to come.. yeah!

Well, that will be all. 'Til next! byyeeeiiiiie!!!

Price: 150 each tube
Place: Digital Traincase

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