Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Have flawless skin with Yves Rocher Flawless Finish Fluid Foundation (updated review)

Everyone of us wants to wear a foundation that's an exact match of our skin on chest and neck. I have used different tones and formulations from different brands thinking that when it is labeled as "fair/ivory", it means it would suit me, but to my dismay, its either I ended up having ghostly pale or too pink face.I don't want to remember that anymore because even if I swatched it at the makeup counter, it looked fine with their lighting and everything, but when I got home.. tadaaaa! Welcome to the world of talking floating heads.... hehe

Yves Rocher offers such a wide array of amazing yet affordable products. Be it their makeup or skin care line, it's of good quality. I love the fact that I am using a product as great as the other higher end brands but on a much affordable price! So when Yves Rocher opened at SM Southmall, I bought this foundation which the SA said was their best-seller. I actually want the mattifying one but since I read on some bloggers that this is a dupe for Bobbi Brown's, I'm sold, and another thing is, it's on sale at that time (30% off), so I got this baby for about Php 640.00 only instead of Php 900+! What's also good about this brand is that they have a selection of colors suited for those who has yellow or pink undertones. Yeah, it's really great because most of the brands have their liquid foundations appear too pink or too gray. So, at last! I found my perfect skin match from Yves Rocher. I'm Beige 100. The lightest from the beige(yellow undertone) line.

So, how's the product you asked?





The Flawless Finish Foundation feels so light on my skin. Although I have an oily-combination skin, it stays decently for about 4 hours with Yves Rocher's primer and loose powder. I only have to blot my oilies and it looks fresh again. (i live in a tropical, humid country FYI. Philippines.) I know that with our kind of weather, I shouldn't be wearing a liquid foundation given that I also have oily skin, but, you can't blame me because this product's so good and it matches my skin tone perfectly!

Here's how I do it:

Left side of face: I applied it on this side for comparison of with and without a foundation. As you see, I have a red spots, blemish and uneven skin and it doesn't match with the skin tone on my neck and chest. When applied, it evens out my skin and made it the same tone as my neck and chest. You only need a small amount about a pea-size for your entire face.

After applying on my whole face (it has a dewy effect when worn alone), I then seal it with Yves Rocher Velvety Loose Powder in Translucent Beige (shade for yellow understoned fair ladies which I'll review soon) to make the foundation last and make my face look matte. (I'm oily remember hehe) I just pat the powder puff gently over the foundation as to not erase what I have put in and I'm done! (I've seen this technique on Goss Makeup Artist in YouTube and it did make my face poreless! ^_^ )

ALl in all, I'm so happy with this product!  It has great coverage, doesn't break me out, fells light and doesn't cake.

Products used:
Yves Rocher Flawless Finish Fluid Foundation in Beige 100
Yves Rocher Velvety Loose Powder in Translucent Beige
The Balm Down Boy blush
MAC Chatterbox lipstick

Have you tried their makeup line? What's your favorite?


kat said...

i love how it made your skin look so flawless! i love your nails and you lipstick! MAC's too expensive but they got really nice formulation and colors! love this blog! a new follower:-)

KiTziBebe said...

hi kat! thanks! you should try it soon too! good buy for a great product ;) yes, mac tends to be overpriced here in the Phils. but there's online sellers on Instagram and multiply that offers cheaper price than those in malls. :)

mikmik1219 said...

sis, madali ba syang humulas kapag walang primer? i have oily skin too kaya as much as possible, i stay away sa mga liquid foundations :(

KiTziBebe said...

hi sis mikmik, sadly, yes. :(
but i think you have to use a great primer specially formulated for oily skinned girls.. i heard smashbox is great. :)

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