Thursday, March 21, 2013

Match your hair color with Etude House Color My Brows

This was my first brow mascara and I know that a lot is raving about it. Many said it's a dupe for MAC's Girl Boy Brow set, but I can't really say because I still don't have the latter. For those girls like me who colored their hair every now and then, this is one of the best option to make your brows and hair matched instead of having it dyed.

It's much cheaper than MAC's Girl Boy, but is it worth buying?

I got the shade in 02 (as far as I can remember) which is a light brown color. 

Uhmmm... oookay. I can't read it. lolz.

The product is dried already for only about 4 months of usage. I wasn't able to finish it because it barely catches the liquid inside anymore.


It's almost blond-ish right? 

It has really tiny shimmers when applied. Don't worry 'coz it can easily be removed by brushing your brows with a different spoolie. :)

See how it softens my brow color? It's a good match though for my Thai Tamarind colored hair.

Etude House Color My Brows on top of In2it brow powder.

The Etude House Color My Brows is housed in a small tube. A LOT smaller than any other mascaras around. I forgot if how many colors are available but as far as I can remember, there are only 2 available shades at that time when I bought this and for only Php300+ (forgot the exact price) it ain't bad because you get what you pay for.

I like that the spoolie that comes with the brow mascara is small because it makes my brow application easier. It also doesn't clump up so you don't have to wipe it with a tissue first before applying. It can be worn alone or on top of your favorite brow pencil or powder. The darker the base, the better. It will accentuate the hair strands specially under sunlight which some girls did not like, but for me, it made me more tisay looking.:) It has a pretty light brown/blond-ish color that will suit those who has light colored hair and fair skinned girls. The only bad thing about this brow mascara is that, it dries up so quickly that you wasted almost half a tube, but I was happy I was able to try it. :)

So now that the product dried up totally, I want to try Majolica Majorca's Brow and Lash Colorist before venturing my self into MAC brow sets. :)

Have you tried Etude House's brow mascara?
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