Friday, August 31, 2012

Yves Rocher Flawless Finish Liquid Foundation + Perfect Primer

Sadly, I had break outs with Revlon Colorstay Liquid Foundation that I bought nearly 2 weeks ago. :( Arrrggghhh, I wasted Php875 pesos for a product that irritated my face and did not deliver! Now it will just sit on my drawer.. boo!*sucks!*

So I said to myself that i will never, ever buy any foundation from Revlon again, because everything seems so wrong. (too pink for my face, i had break-outs, cakes after an hour or 2, did not control my oily face). With that in mind, I hunted down The Body Shop and Etude House to test their foundation and primers too. I really need a primer 'coz according to the beauty gurus, you should prime your face first to make the foundation adhere better and control oil. Yeah, it bit me big time because I really can relate! Foundations on my face be it in liquid or powder form, slides off easily! I mean in a matter of 3 hours minimum, I looked like an oil frying pan already! Too bad that Etude doesn't have a stock of their primer that day and the one from TBS is way too expensive at Php950 if I'm not mistaken. So, passed by this boutique and I saw that they have a make up line aside from perfumes and skincare so I went in. THAT was the best decision I made that day because thank God, I finally found what I'm looking for, for a long time! ♥ 

I got the shade in 01 Rose because, their Beige is oos. But it's okay as it was  almost transluscent on my skin too. :)

                                      Notice their colors? yeah, the primer is pink-toned but i will cover it anyway. :)  
      They both comes up with a pump which is a good one and they even provided a cover for their liquid foundation . (maybe to avoid accidental pumping because it has no nozzle lock unlike the primer)   

                                                 My shade it Beige 100. (may look dark here)


I almost jumped for joy because hell yeah, I finally found a primer and foundation that matches my skin tone! *hooray*  It's also good that they have lines for yellow and pink undertoned skin. (they have like 9 or 10 shades with different undertones for this line) Even their primer, they have pink and yellow toned too. I want to get the Beige 01 but unfortunately, it was out of stock as the nice SA  said that it was one of their best buys. So she suggested that I might as well get the one in 01 Rose as it will be covered up with my foundation after. :)  And yeah, true to what she says, it did became translucent. :) My foundation shade from their Flawless Finish Line is Beige 100. It is their best-seller from their liquid line and I read from a beauty blogger that it is a dupe for Bobbi Brown's liquid foundie. I originally  wanted to get the one from their Matte liquid foundation but, since this one's good for all skin types, oh-kay, i'll get it since I don't want a very matte flat face. It was the lightest among the beige shades that they offer and I must say that it matches my face and neck so well! I am really in love with it! Finish is sheer to light but can be buildable as the foundation itself is kinda runny but hey, it really delivers! You can apply another layer if you aren't satisfied though. :) It didn't cause break outs upon testing it the whole day. And what's the best part? I got it on sale! yay! This brand is so affordable but delivers like high-end ones and I am glad that I discovered their products and gave them a try. :) I might become an addict! LOL

I want to get some eyeliner and shadow, and even try their skin care line if I have extra moolah. hehe.
Hey SM Southmall is having their 3-day great Sale and they're participating. *hooray again!*

*** I have an updated review for this foundation :)

Price: Flawless Finish Liquid Foundation - Php980.00 went down to Php650.00 
          Perfect Primer - Php650.00
Place: SM Southmall