Thursday, August 2, 2012

My Colour Collection Lipstick Haul

I've read so many raves and good reviews about Colour Collection Lipsticks by Tupperware Brands Ph. I believe they're SaraLee before. I wanted to try their lippies specially the Paradise Pink and Tea Rose (which I heard was a great dupe for MAC's Pink Nouveau) but sadly, both aren't available. :( Boo! They're the most coveted shades from the blogs that I've read. A must-try as they say.

So, I searched they're online catalogue as I don't know any dealer here in my place, but hey, guess what?, their branch is just a couple of blocks away from my house! Hooray!

So I immediately went there (just to satisfy my craving to buy for a MAC lipstick which I still find unpractical these days...) and ask first If I can purchase even if I am not a dealer. Randel (the in-house dealer there) assisted me gladly and walk me to where the lipsticks belong. I purchased Pink Confidence from their Hot Safari Limited Edition line and Perfect Pink from their new Color Last Collection. Both are discounted at P199 and P249 pesos only. Yay! (original prices are P320 for Pink Confidence and P399 for Perfect Pink, it's introductory price). Great bargain right?

Now the review: 

  I even got a freebie!

       Look at the leopard print on Pink Confidence. It's just so cute!
 Both of them are packed in a plastic tube packaging which I don't mind as I'm buying it for the color not the packaging. 

   At the back of Perfect Pink Color Last Lipstick.


  Perfect Pink and Pink Confidence.

I'm quite disappointed because in their catalogue, Pink Confidence looks like this (see Bea's pic below my pic), that's why I bought it, and since they don't have testers, I have faith that I'll get the color on Bea's lips also. But I'm wrong. It came out more darker and on the reddish-pink side. But after a few gazes at the mirror, I began to love it already! It's my lips-but-better lippie!

 Pink Confidence. 

Far from what I saw noh? But It was okay, as the color really brightens up my plain face. It's like when you don't want to wear a stack of make up on one of those lazy days, all you need to do is just put this color, and you're good to go. :) I now believed in the saying that: Don't believe everything that you saw. LOL.

Perfect Pink.

Oh yeah! I really love this shade! I find it soooo flattering on my fair skintone and I'm sure it will look good on morenas too!  Perfect Pink is super cute pink lipstick true to it's name. It's really a Perfect Pink for me. IMO. Though I'm yet to try Paradise Pink and Tea Rose from them, I will stick to this one for the meantime. :)

The Verdict:

Colour Last Lipsticks are super pigmented. Though it's price range is quite the same as other cheap drugstore brand, here, you'll get the quality of an expensive brand despite of its price. 

Pigmentation is so good, and it leaves stain in your lips once it was removed. 

It doesn't make my lips dry even after a long time.

Staying power is good compared to NYX lippies which I have to re-apply every once in while specially after eating or drinking.

Has a nice mild scent. (vanilla-ish for me)

It's easy to apply. All you need is just one wipe and the color already shows.

All in all, I'm quite impressed with the quality of Colour Collection Lipsticks. I just wished all teh shades are already available specially the most sought-after ones. I'm excited to buy more shades from them! 

I think these babies can rival MAC's Impassioned and Candy Yum Yum! Look:

They kinda look the same right? (or is it just my eyes? )

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