Thursday, August 2, 2012

My Kolours Toasted Anise - Treated Hair

Last night, I DIY-ed my hair. I had so many bad experiences in salons where in I let my hair colored. Aside from some are overpriced and not using good quality hair colorants, I suffered hair fall the last time. I felt so frustrated as I was trying to grow along hair that time. Oh well, lessons learned.
The last I had my hair dyed was last November before my son's 7th birthday. It was like a copper-gold-red one and it already has grown like 3 inches so, the black hair is really quite obvious as well as all my white hairs! ugghhh! 

So, I went to Mercury drugs and buy the color that I want. This time, I want my hair to be bold and reddish, so I chose Kolours in Toasted Anise. The original plan was my Muah will be the one who'd color my hair, but he didn't went here yesterday, so tadaa! My self made hair! I think I did a great job! 

*Photo credit on Google search. * I think, it's a true to the box color. hehe

Me wearing Ever Bilena's Mousse blusher in Aster and my favorite shade of lippie. (story on how I discovered my so-called look alike of MAC's Pink Nouveau an my most recent post) Taken indoor with natural morning light. 

On indoors with natural afternoon lighting.

Outdoors. I think that i look younger.LOL

Overall, the color is great.I really liked the outcome considering it's a DIY. The conditioner that came with it is also good, it really conditions my hair after rinsing it. I did not experienced hair fall (so far..) and it doesn't made my scalp itch. 

Price: 250 at Mercury Drugstores