Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Are the raves all worth it? Ben Nye Banana Luxury Powder - Review, photos + swatches

I have really oily skin. To add up, the weather now here in Manila is very humid that my oil glands are over reacting so I really need a very good oil-absorbing/controlling finishing powder.

I've read so many good reviews about this powder, but I'm still hesitant to try it because it has parabens and talc. (well, we all know those ingredients can be harmful, but I ain't no scientist/chemist to prove it) But, as I searched about it, some said it is safe to use even everyday (not sure though for me), while for many, it's their HG finishing powder because of the wonders it does. Oh, and yes- This is the powder that Kim K. is so crazy about. I searched for a seller and found out that Beautyholic Manila (the seller's so nice by the way! :D ) has still some on hand stocks and they have the cheapest price among the rest too. What happened next? ----- I finally joined the wagon.

The transaction went smooth, and I got the tiny bottle the day after it's been shipped. I will highlight the word tiny  because it really is so small, housed in a 1.5 oz teeny weeny bottle - but hey, don't fret and be fooled by its packaging because although the bottle's not full, you will only need a tiny amount to use on your entire face so I bet it will last for a long long time! :) They also have this in 3 oz. packaging but it's still on its way here in Manila (they only sell it for Php 850!).






                     Here's me with and without Ben Nye Banana Luxury Powder on my face:

 See? The transition was very noticeable, specially the one I took with the flash on. I look so flawless and it really brightened up my whole face! I looked like I'm glowing! ^_^ Yeah, I know that Revlon Colorstay Whipped Crème already made my face flawless, BUT Ben Nye Banana Luxury Powder made it even more flawless looking. It effectively diminished my pores and the yellowness made my face glow! Now, I understand why almost everyone swears by this! *tehee

Smooth, finely milled powder
Not heavy on skin.
Did not cause allergic reactions on my skin.
Almost translucent- though I LOVE the slight yellow-y color it adds. :)
Effectively delays the appearance of oil on my face for at least 2 more hours
Made my skin glow and looked more flawless
Perfect for flash photography - you won't have any white cast because of its yellow color
Available in other shades such as : Buff, Cameo, Neutral
A little goes a long way.This 1.5 oz.  product will last me a lifetime
Cheaper when bought from Beautyholic Manila (Php 600+50 shipping fee)

Contains Parabens and Talc
Some seller sells this for twice the price! (watch out!)
Some may find its yellow color overwhelming for their skin tone
I totally love this powder! It's the perfect one to go with my Revlon Whipped foundation, but, as for the ingredients, I really didn't mind as long as I'm only using it when I'm attending special occasions or when I know that they will be taking A LOT of pictures. (and that's not everyday). Just be aware before getting this one because the ingredients may cause some irritations or allergic reactions to your skin.
So, are the raves all worth it? Indeed! :) 
Will I repurchase? Yes! But I want to try MAC's blot powder too! :)
How about you? have you tried this already? What's your experience with this powder?