Sunday, August 5, 2012

My Charles And Keith Sunglasses

After a long day at Divisoria, we headed at Mall of Asia because I've been lemming to visit Lacoste, Aldo, Zara and Charles and Keith store to look for a really nice sunglasses and bag. I really want Lacoste's New Classic roll bag, but sad to say, for the 3rd time that I've been to Lacoste in MOA, they're still out of stock! (maybe I better go to ATC, Muah's sister told me they always have stocks of new released bags there, well, let's see...) Then we went to Zara. I found this cute satchel bag in their website which only costs 1,990.00 pesos! Whoa, so I have second thought on buying a Lacoste bag then, compared to their 5,500.00 peso bag. BUT, sad to say, they don't have it either that time.. Oh well, that's life maybe those bags ain't for me at this moment of time. haha! So, we went to Aldo. Yes, Aldo. There, I'm hoping to find the really pretty interchangeable watch that me and my Kumareng Dovie we're talking about the other day, but again, it's out of stock. I was surprised though 'coz that watch only costs 1,450.00! Another WHOA... but when I inspect the watch that was available that time (they have other interchangeable strap watch in rubber) I think it will not last long enough for it's price tho. I even checked out their sunglasses, but it doesn't have a hard case included hence the price of 500.00, why should I even asked?.. lol. Finally, our last stop is at Charles and Keith boutique. I also saw Muah's sister Ate Teng there looking for some shoes with her bf. I headed straight at the sunglasses section since that's the main reason why we're there in the first place. I fitted almost all the sunglasses in the rack display, and finally, found this one the most nice and pretty among the rest.

Charles and Keith paper bag and hard case.

It even comes with a pouch that also serves as a wipe for the lenses.

The main attraction of this sunglasses that caught my attention.. the BLING! haha! See it's logo right in middle?

I'm happy with my purchase though this one is the only stock left for this color, I still bought it, but I made sure there's no scratch or any defects before we pay 1,499.00 for this, since it's been on display for 3 weeks according to it's SA. (another buying on impulse huh?.. nah, it's just that I really liked the look and feel of it haha!)