Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Texas Hold'em Poker... I'm an addict! lolz!

These past few days, I've become a Texas Hold'Em Poker addict...Actually, I'm playing right now, oi just went out to the lobby to trake rest....Yeah, it's an addicting game huh!! I don't even know how to play it at first though, but later on, i did learn how to!!... lolz!! I always come up with a nice hand of cards. (just a gamers luck i think :)- ) What's funny is that, every time i join a table, the guys always ends up asking for my number huh!! LOLZ!! They even gave roses and daisies and drinks ...Very funny at all!! This is also the first ime that my muah gave me a flower!!! What stinks is that, it's the cheapest flower on available there! hahah!!! It only costs $20 while the flowers that others gave me costs $2000 USD huh!! Well, not enough budget i think.. lol!!!

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