Monday, June 22, 2009

Fathers Day

(I intend to make his image blurred)

Happy Father's day to my tatay... If only he's still alive, i know how happy and proud he will be for us. I'm not saying that I am a very successful daughter, but, I know he will be proud to have a daughter like me. Proud because I'm able to provide everything that my 2 boys has right now..... How i wish he could meet Mike, my love of my life.. I know he'll like him. I sure do. I know he's so happy right now in God's hands, but sometimes, I ask myself, why does he had to leave us all so early??? I don't even has the chance to spent so much time with him, to tell him how proud am i to have a father like him.. He's the best tatay for all of us. He managed to gave us all we need... He gave us all that we asked for, specially when we still have a very "comfortable" life. Earlier, we visited his "home" at the memorial park together with my 2 boys and my muah... I wanted to tell him all that's been happening with our lives... I always wanted to bring out to him all my outcries in life..If only he could talk to me...I wish i could embrace him with all my might...I wish he could comfort me.. I really miss you tatay... I know i told you this before, but not in a manner that i really mean it this much.... I love you so much, thanks for everything, for bringing us to life. Say hi to nanay with me... Take care in heaven. See when i get there.

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