Wednesday, August 1, 2012

My Nichido Eyeliner In Cool Blue

I watched Joanne Quintas do a make-over for a girl at "Full time Moms" at channel 11 (QTV) sometime last week and i was really amazed at how she transformed that plain looking girl into a fab one! She didn't put A LOT of make up, just the basics: foundation, eye shadow, eyeliner, powder, blusher, mascara and lipstick. Her eye make up was the one that popped out the most. It's because of the "light blue" eyeliner that Joanne Q. put. It really made her eyes so stress-free and young and alive! Joanne even said that if you want an instant transformation on your eyes, just use this eye liner of whatever brand and voila! 

So as i'm strolling at the make-up section in the dept. store a while ago, i took my chance and look for that eyeliner. I found one at Nichido counter, tried it on my eyes, and it's really is pretty! So i immediately paid at the counter and hurried home. hehe

I thnk this one's a "smudger" at the other tip of the pencil. I'm not sure though what's this for. hehe. I forgot to ask the SA.

It almost looked white in my skin especially on my eyes. It's so pretty. believe me.

For just P80.00 it's cheap. 

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