Thursday, August 2, 2012

My Marionaud Slanted Blush brush and In2it Blush in Envy

We went to SM Southmall to look for Muah's Waterproof jacket and pants, well, rainy days are really here! Also we went to buy groceries and other stuffs. After that, I went to the department store area where all the make-up counters are in. I really wanted to get a blusher that looks natural. The one that I got from Everbilena's mousse blush on line has shimmers on it. So, I went straight ahead at In2it's counter and look for a peach-pink blush, and voila! They have what exactly I am looking for and in fact, it's their best seller as what the SA told me, and oh, yeah, it says it's waterproof too. :) So I bought it after testing it to my wrist and also, I decided to get a blush brush because the free brush that comes with it is too small. So, I got one from Marionaud.

In2it blusher in ENVY.
            I Immediately fell in love with this color! It's a pretty peachy-pink and is matte!
            It's slightly darker in real life, my HTC cp's cam did not do justice with this. :)

In2it Envy when worn. :)

The Marionaud Slanted Blush brush is perfect! The fine bristles perfectly picks up the right amount of powder pigments. :) And for a price of P169.75? It is such a steal! :) I wanna try their powder brush too! :)

All in all, I am so happy with my purchases specially that my Muah's super supportive in picking the right color for me haha! He is such adorable that's why I love him so much!